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Failed to read deamon

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I can not help you. I pointed to source of problem. Another is your problem. I do not know how it can be resolved or can be resolved at all.

Try different methods, google about solution and so on.

GG can not work if installed to sdcard. This all.

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Okay thank you I got it to internal!... But the iruna app blocks me because of hack detection... I thought gg works on it?

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I have some ideas for fix errors of your firmware in next releases of GG, but it happens not soon. Currently I worked for other big task. May be in future releases I try some fixes. May be they can work.

added 3 minutes later

Select only timer 16 and 40, as described here: https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/14197-gg-cant-use-on-iruna-online-game/


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