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  1. Is it possible to save with custom file name every time i want to save the savedList using ? gg.saveList( ,SAVE_AS_TEXT)
  2. Please help for anyone who read this and can help me, Basically this is for teleport map, so i have some data on Saved list, if i change it, it change my player position, but i need save manually any position that i will use later Kind of r = gg.getListItems set Values What i want is : Make script that can save my data on Saved List to new text files with custom name, then write on it with template like __ r[1].value = "save data here" gg.SetValues __ Is it possible? Please teach me. i usually use save to txt feature on gameguardian, then edit it. Thanks
  3. You can use "prompt", and exit the script or print error if enter the wrong word or number. https://gameguardian.net/help/classgg.html#afe6c5b86ba0ae295899fd259232aac2b
  4. Try to activate auto pause GameGuardian >> Autopause : Yes
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