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  1. CheatTester

    Wild city (mafia RPG ) by anansi

    Probably you only change the value on your screen, not the actual game money,, if its MMO game, then usually impossible change it with only memory tools
  2. CheatTester

    I am a super-noob that needs help...

    Asking for rooting method in this forums is wrong place dude,, just simply google it "how to root myphonemodel" or "rooting guide MyPhoneModel XDA"
  3. CheatTester

    How to fix this ?

    Can be game protection or other, you give too small information
  4. Asking for rooting method in this forums is wrong place dude,, just simply google it "how to root myphonemodel" or "rooting guide MyPhoneModel XDA"
  5. CheatTester

    How to use cloner in 6.0.1 andriod v

    For multiple account only, there is many apps on playstore that can do that, google it "app for multi account" To run GG on non rooted phone, use pararel space that already mod by GG team, not the playstore version.
  6. CheatTester

    buy ingame currency with foreign money

  7. CheatTester

    .lua Password Protection

    You can use "prompt", and exit the script or print error if enter the wrong word or number. https://gameguardian.net/help/classgg.html#afe6c5b86ba0ae295899fd259232aac2b
  8. CheatTester

    help please game guardian does not change the values

    Maybe you edit the wrong value, or maybe you edit the data on the wrong memory region, try search on other memory region or other value
  9. CheatTester


    Learn the ARM LANGUAGE
  10. CheatTester

    I Need Hack

    good luck then
  11. CheatTester

    I want detect gg.getfile() but how?

    Detected the other script, and if found, it will load it,, if the file doesnt exist or not found, it will print 'NO DATA' function RUNFILE() if io.open(sdcard/luafolder/luafile.lua) ~= nil then dofile(sdcard/luafolder/luafile.lua) else gg.alert('NO-DATA') end
  12. CheatTester


    The answer is printed clearly
  13. CheatTester

    Any shooter game aimnot values wall hack

    Different game has different value, try to use search button on top of this site and write the "game name + lua" to find some lua script of some game
  14. Some game have different memory address when loaded depends on the Device CPU/GPU or other things. It's better to give more information if you want to ask next time, like the phone model, etc.
  15. CheatTester

    How to solve it?

    Try to activate auto pause GameGuardian >> Autopause : Yes