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sonic classic 1&2


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sonic classic 1&2

script for nostalgic 

99 lifes

99 credits

start with 7 emeralds ( Super sonic ) no need debug

( extra tip ! dipswitcht menu1. Select no save with any character. 2. When the sega logo appears press the s, e , g, a letters in order. You will hear anring sound. 3. When Sonic appears, use two fingers and press and hold down using both fingers near the bottom right. You will be reported to the level select screen. 4. You can select between Sonic, Tails and knuckles at player option. 5. For all emeralds enter 4, 1, 2 , 6 6. Formdebug enter 1,9,9,01,00,06,02,03 you'll hear a ring sound 7. Start a level, tap the top left of the screen to enter debug mode, plus and minus let's you cycle through all the different object. And press the action button to place them.)

Sonic1 :   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sega.sonic1px

Sonic 2 :     https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sega.sonic2.runner 

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5 hours ago, MonkeySAN said:


its auto rename and it happen to some browser(dont know why) because of illegal symbol use in the file name.🤷

in this case original file should be = sonic1&2.lua

but because of weird reason above the downloaded file was renamed to = sonic1 2.lua

making it not open.

that what was happened.

you should have mention it in the alert..not just wrote only "⚠️Restart script⚠️" without the reason why.

some people might not know about this.


Edited by MonkeySAN
did you know it?
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2 hours ago, blocx said:

u want mean name of script cause error ?

there is nothing wrong in the script name by itself.

maybe avoid naming script using symbols can solved it but then its still depend on what browser some people use.

some browser ok with it...some do not.

its so weird..i dont know.

imaging you go forward and back..high and low to find the error in script while on your side its all good and fine..only to discover its not your script fault but rather the browser.

Edited by MonkeySAN
btw your script work perfectly.
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