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how to bind to a device



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The only way to not leak your script to the public is to don't share the script to anyone at all. when you sell scripts or upload them then of course you expose it to the public the only thing u can do is just use pastebin  and very strong encryption. or again (Dont Share Script With Anyone),  and i had a stroke reading the part where you said "also so that this method works on all versions of android" that is not possible.

again. pastebin, strong encryption. 

trial comes error. when conducting an experiment you will always face errors once in a while during execution 


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Question: how to bind to a device?

but you are discussing an encryption?

On 10/17/2021 at 1:52 AM, zolotov123344 said:

my script is not leaked to the public

If you need encryption try use it:

SELGG.lua | Encryption For Lua GG | Block Reverse Code. (#23z3z4vd)

if you want block log its impossible realy (no body can stop log).

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On 10/19/2021 at 2:00 AM, HEROGAMEOfficial said:

Вопрос:  как привязать к устройству?

а вы обсуждаете шифрование?

Если вам нужно шифрование, попробуйте его использовать:

SELGG.lua | Шифрование для Lua GG | Блокировать обратный код. (# 23z3z4vd)

если вы хотите заблокировать журнал, это невозможно на самом деле (никто не может остановить журнал).

it's not about encryption, I'm using the 7.0 konzlet and it suits me at the moment, I need to specifically bind to the device so that when launched on an uninfected device, the script ends.

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