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  1. bro this is incredible, until the last moment I thought it was impossible. I would like a message to be sent to me by a telegram bot directly in private messages
  2. I need a script that will send variables to my telegram account via a bot, I know for sure that this can be done in php + lua, but is it possible just in lua with GG?
  3. I think a lot of people know that it is very easy to steal functions from the Code App through the second GG, I need help in implementing my idea. I noticed that when you do a search, all the bases of values are stored in the Game guadrian itself, this is easy to notice if you pay attention to the GG weight before and after searching for a large number of values. So how the protection should work, I need the script to go into memory along the path of all the GGs that are installed on the device and delete these very bases of values, in which case you can permanently stop the theft of Code App functions.
  4. gg, in principle, does not try to develop towards authorship in terms of scripts? lol
  5. if I don't share my script, my audience won't grow.
  6. proc / pid? you can throw off an example i hear it for the first time
  7. find gg in the list of processes is easy, the main thing for me is to get gg.getTargetInfo for each process
  8. it doesn't matter about gg.getargerinfo, forget it, I need a way that will block the use of the second gg so that my functions from the Code App cannot steal.
  9. The user selects the game process, launches the script and the script should receive gg.getTabInfo for each running process on the phone. I need to make protection against theft of my functions through the second Game Guardian. If what I wrote above is not possible to do, then please suggest another way.
  10. I need a full path in the file manager that leads to the directory of temporary files where the database of all the numbers that are currently loaded in the game guardian is stored.
  11. the script should do a search in LibUnity (code app) and check each qword value so that the first digit is 4, and the last three digits are 056, the number of digits in qword values are different.
  12. google translate translates my text disgustingly
  13. Well, it's not clear, let's take your code, for example, if there are not 3 menus, but for example 30, then this function that hides the script simply will not work, that simply will not work and that's it. I already solved this problem by dropping the code to hide GG under the function. why it would seem that the skins should be executed correctly, but for some reason there are bugs or something else, and the script simply does not see these lines from below that are responsible for hiding gg. I mean what I want, I am very good at writing scripts, well, that is, I am very good at it, but such bugs are just like gg doesn’t read the script correctly.
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