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  1. I sell scripts and of course I need a function to bind to one device so that my script is not leaked to the public. What is the best way to do this and also so that this method works on all versions of android. I don't have a database, just pastebin.
  2. I need a way to hide the virtual space with root rights from the Standoff 2 game. I think anyone who understands this game knows what kind of protection against virtual machines there is, with the usual virtualxposed, of course, the game does not start, with any other virtual machines your game account will be banned within 5 minutes. If you want to offer a virtual machine, then it's not worth it, dozens of virtual machines have already been tested.
  3. So. I want to make a seekbar with 100 fragments. Now I'll tell you in more detail, so I need to add damage to the game, that is, for example, when shooting in the leg, the enemy takes 15 damage, I need to add the same value from the seekbar that the user has chosen to this value of 15. It sounds not difficult, but the problem is that this damage value does not work on any double word, but works in hexadecimal, it turns out that the script needs to translate the value of the favored person into hexadecimal and add it to the damage value. Another very important detail, the script works on the load list, that is, it is necessary to make sure that after the seekbar a load list is automatically created to increase the damage. The function, even in my understanding, is very complex, so I'm now turning to really smart scripters. This can be said to be a challenge for you)
  4. I want to make a skinchanger cfg builder, namely a system for saving and opening a config. The config itself should contain only a variable of the settings themselves, for example: skin1> skin2. skin3> skin4. The script must read a large number of such variables and perform the necessary functions. It is also desirable to make sure that after restarting the script, this config is immediately in a separate list from where it can be selected and launched. I would be very grateful to you!
  5. I received information that there is some way to transfer offsets from a 32 bit game to a 64 bit game using the arm code. Tell us about it
  6. qword finds 50 ~ 100. You do not understand it is not necessary to change the values 15 lines below it is necessary for the script to check whether it is equal to 1 in qword
  7. I personally know about all these group searches, but my task is to optimize the code, now the function turns on for about 15 seconds and it takes less than 2
  8. Need help writing a script. Let's start. I have a value of 100 in qword, when searching for them, anonymous finds 500 pieces, I need the script to take each value of 100 and go down 15 lines and check this value if it is 1 qword, then the script remembers this value of 100 qword and does such a check with with all the other 100 qwords after only one 100 qword remains, skrt must move from this 100 qword one cell down and change it, please help!
  9. no matter the offset, this code was looped indefinitely in my case 200-300 times
  10. I have 512 double values, in the anonymus of such values it finds 300-400, I need to make a script that would check each of these values, that is, take one at a time, go 15 lines down the offsets and check if it is equal to 5 dword if no then skips if yes then changes to 10.
  11. I want to more accurately configure gg.prompt for my purposes and this is what information I need. 1. How to remove the keyboard in gg.prompt it gets in the way if I use the seek bar. 2. If I use gg.prompt for the user to enter a number from 0.01 to 0.02, how can I check that he did not enter any other number, the usual [if n ~ = 0.01 ~ 0.02 then end] does not work. 3. How to make a seek bar with decimal numbers for example 0.1 I did not find anything interesting on these issues on the forum
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