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Lua encryption methods to use on my script


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The scope of this topic is not limited to just GG scripts but it's more of a topic to help me understand more about lua encryption and from that apply to my own GG scripts. So while browsing to discord servers, I encountered an source reconstruction contest. The contest ended fairly quickly but the encryption method and how to decrypt the scripts in the contest is not public. I tried reconstructing the source code but all of my methods failed. Does anyone know which type of encryption these scripts use and how can I decrypt it / reconstruct the source code from it? Also how can I apply the same method to my own GG scripts ?

P/S : If anyone is good and kind enough to rebuild the source and put it up here for comparison to the encrypted scripts it would be amazing.

1.lua 2.lua 3.lua 4.lua 5.lua 6.lua 7.lua 8.lua

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39 minutes ago, HEROGAMEOfficial said:

Leave it if it's not official gg executable.

if it possible to take malware or something like this with script execution ? ( i ask that but never use script out from here)

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