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how to make script

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example speed hack

79EDC00000    [5]

if 79EDC00000 [5] change to [0]

[change not editing]

then gg play speed to 1'2'3'4'5 like that

if 79EDC00000 [0] change to [5]

then play speed 1


help me thanks

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like turn on and off speed base on value change

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    • By marken
      Wed Aug 14 09:49:11 GMT+08:00 2019
      86.0 (15428) 1-8-1565677628000-92948C50074CDB26-8992 2-0-315511200000-BD0CC5FB04EB4305-6300484 0-8-1565677628000-D8CD19334A21A95A-1724424 49927258 780 18718c98964 on  Android(ACTIVE_CODENAMES: []; CODENAME: REL; INCREMENTAL: eng.zeng.20190614.181054; RELEASE: 5.1.1; RESOURCES_SDK_INT: 22; SDK: 22; SDK_INT: 22; BOARD: smdk4x12; BOOTLOADER: unknown; BRAND: OPPO; CPU_ABI: armeabi-v7a; CPU_ABI2: armeabi; DEVICE: CPH1823; DISPLAY: LMY48G test-keys; FINGERPRINT: Android/aosp_arm/generic:5.1.1/LMY48G/zeng06141811:user/test-keys; HARDWARE: smdk4x12; HOST: redfinger-server; ID: LMY48G; IS_DEBUGGABLE: false; MANUFACTURER: vivo; MODEL: vmos; PRODUCT: CPH1823; RADIO: unknown; SERIAL: CUYP6HFYGYMRE6IN; SUPPORTED_32_BIT_ABIS: [armeabi-v7a, armeabi]; SUPPORTED_64_BIT_ABIS: []; SUPPORTED_ABIS: [armeabi-v7a, armeabi]; TAGS: test-keys; TIME: 1560507261000; TYPE: user; UNKNOWN: unknown; USER: zeng; )
      Files: /data/data/com.vtskqodenbvckszrvzem/files com.vtskqodenbvckszrvzem

      1 searching is working well
      2 no green botton of speedhack function
      not working on vmos android
      help me please
    • By marken
      can you help me create bypass speed hack
      how do i do set hide game guardian on lua like this to bypass debug
      -- main code
      hide game guardian
      [√]1 slow
      hide game guardian
      [   ] 1 slow
      like that .. i see that gg can bypass auto debugger on summoners war .. its hard for me to manual .. i need to be faster switching that.to bypass it .. but its easy to make it script. help me pls sorry for my bad englis
      [added 2 minutes later] i will share how power full gg has...tnx enyby for hard work and keeping this app updated..
    • By marken
      whos playing this game i will teach you how to farm more and more faster
    • By marken
      help me please.
      to create  accelerate stage hack.automatic ajust speed
      i dont know how do i start first.
      value 0 
      adress for the game start
      value 0
       adress for the game end
      if i start the game
      stage 1
      CE54E394 value will change to 1
      then play speed 99
      if the game end
      value will change to 1
      then play speed to normal 1
      i dont know how to edit a script. or create..sorry for bad english
    • By lushin
      To all the legend and pro. Kindly help me in this game. Summoners war. I got the last mod buy sad to say only few minutes I enjoy. I pass the heroes hall to get the event but after that update comes and i m not even wipe out To a or reef to get materials. Plz need help for the link and instruction plz. Thanks and game more.
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