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  1. thannnnnnnnkkkk youuuuuuuuu
  2. local v = gg.getResults(1) gg.setVisible(false) while not gg.isVisible() do local old = v[1].value v = gg.getValues(v) if old ~= v[1].value then gg.setSpeed(1.0) gg.toast('changed: '..old..' -> '..v[1].value) end gg.sleep(100) end this is working my problem is how do i make second result for gg.setSpeed(90.0) tnx for help
  3. local v = gg.getResults(1) gg.setVisible(false) while not gg.isVisible() do local old = v[1].value v = gg.getValues(v) if old ~= v[1].value then gg.setSpeed(1.0)gg.toast('changed: '..old..' -> '..v[1].value) end gg.sleep(100) end gg.getResults(2) do local old = v[2].value v = gg.getValues(v) if old ~= v[2].value then gg.setSpeed(90.0)gg.toast('changed: '..old..' -> '..v[2].value) end gg.sleep(100) end [added 3 minutes later] error. how do i make that 1st result make normal speed and second result make faster.
  4. this is for 1 value change . local v = gg.getResults(1) gg.setVisible(false) while not gg.isVisible() do local old = v[1].value v = gg.getValues(v) if old ~= v[1].value then gg.toast('changed: '..old..' -> '..v[1].value) end gg.sleep(100) end how to make this 2 value change like 2 adress/or 2 result ? this script is a big help for me esp farming
  5. marken

    how to make script

    like turn on and off speed base on value change
  6. marken

    how to make script

    example speed hack 79EDC00000 [5] if 79EDC00000 [5] change to [0] [change not editing] then gg play speed to 1'2'3'4'5 like that if 79EDC00000 [0] change to [5] then play speed 1 help me thanks
  7. im using gg as unlimited turn on my units ..does any1 have share with us
  8. req 3 gb ram or high [added 1 minute later] btw thanks tanks enyby..
  9. nice this is the best virtual app iv ever install
  10. speedhack working perfect sir ..btw ill w8 updated version thanks for hard work
  11. wow after download half of gg version 1 found only 1 working .. gameguardian 8.31.0 how do i collect logcat on this version?
  12. they cant block also GG how power full GG has .. iLL show your app power sir later ..i upload video [added 4 minutes later] https://a2zapk.com/570460-vmos-virtual-android-on-android-double-your-system-1-0-09-a2z.html
  13. ill wait sir thank you .. nahh they cant block vmos cause its rooted haha tnx tnx tnx
  14. i need speed hack .. summoners war block all virtual spaces now i cant open that app on any virtual
  15. or download optimize version of virtual then clone gg .
  16. download vmos android on google chrome .. u can get root in that without rooting your phone
  17. :((( sir enby i try v 8 .5 .5 1 green botton apear but if i click speed hack function game is freezing
  18. Wed Aug 14 09:49:11 GMT+08:00 2019 /storage/sdcard/GG_logcat_r86.0_15428_5.1.1_22.log 86.0 (15428) 1-8-1565677628000-92948C50074CDB26-8992 2-0-315511200000-BD0CC5FB04EB4305-6300484 0-8-1565677628000-D8CD19334A21A95A-1724424 49927258 780 18718c98964 on Android(ACTIVE_CODENAMES: []; CODENAME: REL; INCREMENTAL: eng.zeng.20190614.181054; RELEASE: 5.1.1; RESOURCES_SDK_INT: 22; SDK: 22; SDK_INT: 22; BOARD: smdk4x12; BOOTLOADER: unknown; BRAND: OPPO; CPU_ABI: armeabi-v7a; CPU_ABI2: armeabi; DEVICE: CPH1823; DISPLAY: LMY48G test-keys; FINGERPRINT: Android/aosp_arm/generic:5.1.1/LMY48G/zeng06141811:user/test-keys; HARDWARE: smdk4x12; HOST: redfinger-server; ID: LMY48G; IS_DEBUGGABLE: false; MANUFACTURER: vivo; MODEL: vmos; PRODUCT: CPH1823; RADIO: unknown; SERIAL: CUYP6HFYGYMRE6IN; SUPPORTED_32_BIT_ABIS: [armeabi-v7a, armeabi]; SUPPORTED_64_BIT_ABIS: []; SUPPORTED_ABIS: [armeabi-v7a, armeabi]; TAGS: test-keys; TIME: 1560507261000; TYPE: user; UNKNOWN: unknown; USER: zeng; ) su /data/data/com.vtskqodenbvckszrvzem/files /data/data/com.vtskqodenbvckszrvzem/files com.vtskqodenbvckszrvzem 2 com.vtskqodenbvckszrvzem 4 false Files: /data/data/com.vtskqodenbvckszrvzem/files com.vtskqodenbvckszrvzem 1 searching is working well 2 no green botton of speedhack function not working on vmos android help me please
  19. marken

    radar hack

    can you share me MLBB radar hack script patch dyrroth . please
  20. marken


    can you help me create bypass speed hack how do i do set hide game guardian on lua like this to bypass debug -- main code gg.setSpeed(3.0) hide game guardian [√]1 slow gg.setSpeed(90.0) hide game guardian [ ] 1 slow like that .. i see that gg can bypass auto debugger on summoners war .. its hard for me to manual .. i need to be faster switching that.to bypass it .. but its easy to make it script. help me pls sorry for my bad englis [added 2 minutes later] i will share how power full gg has...tnx enyby for hard work and keeping this app updated..
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