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How to save Address or Value?

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Hello master i have problem here ?

I dont know how to remember address or values from save file. Sorry i dont know what the kind of this question, newbie here ?

Example, i play Dungeon Quest, i try to find value for killing enemy and i find it :

Address : CA2B5C04

Value : 10.000

Save the Address / Value

And than save the address / value :

Open / Load the Address / Value

And than i close the game and open it again.

And open or load the address / value :


And than the Address and Value was change ?

Address : B1135C04

Value : 0.0

Add Address

It need lot of time to try find the value if i search from begining again ??

I try to add Address i find before :


Nothing happen Addres same but value 0.0 ?

Nothing happen

**Sorry, im not good in english ??


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saving the address is not always a good hack with gg, because the instance changes constantly, but sometimes when the address is static, you can try to memorize the last 3 characters of the address
address is 98F32A20

memorize and save the last 3


it will be like this A20
do an address search with that address, and then filter with the known value that you found.
is not guaranteed, because the address changes at each instance



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Goto address location of the value. Get a bunch of values that are always present and the same each launch. Create a group search you can pin to your history.  Then you can potentially find the value in 1 search everytime.

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