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  1. Finaly i found this video ? It work but not for all addres Btw thank's @Lenn1 and @NoFear
  2. Hello master i have problem here ? I dont know how to remember address or values from save file. Sorry i dont know what the kind of this question, newbie here ? Example, i play Dungeon Quest, i try to find value for killing enemy and i find it : Address : CA2B5C04 Value : 10.000 And than save the address / value : And than i close the game and open it again. And open or load the address / value : And than the Address and Value was change ? Address : B1135C04 Value : 0.0 It need lot of time to try find the value if i search from begining again ?? I try to add Address i find before : Nothing happen Addres same but value 0.0 ? **Sorry, im not good in english ??
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