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Me and my brother played GOH about 1 year ago and got banned also. We, accidentally hacked Diamonds, gold, token in the arena and money in the guild shop to buy legendary items also. WE are using GG but in different ways *****(evil laugh). We, can changed the value of diamonds,gold, arena token and not detected my goh. I remember 1 of those account ive created and make 9B diamond and 9B Gold and after 5 days got banned. I created 10 gmail account just to xplore all possibilities about hacking this game. were not good at hacking but still were learning a few things about hacking and proramming.

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As long as u manipulate the diamonds you'll get banned. I don't know if the same happens if you hack the other stuff. Do you remember how you changed the gold?


Btw, I found the damage but I couldn't change it.

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From what  saw of this game, anything you find as a dword is visual, everything seems to be stored as a double and is either encypted or split in two and stored as two doubles or something. If i was able to use a debugger i woul have traced it back pretty easy but im not anywhere as good with GG as some of the people here. Changing diamonds makes no sense at all in this game as they monitor it and it looks like accounts get flagged and checked manually. You wont get away with it even if you play offline. A better idea is to remove the diamond cost so everything is free, its pretty undetectable but i never managed to figure that out either.


You can also find the magic arrows as a double, and a few other things. But at the end of the day it would be much easier to make a mod for this rather than hack it as you would need to do a lot of work to keep hacking but the mod would be a onr of per patch type of thing.


I had some limited sucess with duping items too, but when i did it i accidently made a stack of 16.7 million and an automated ban informed me i had been using external software lol. I also managed to dupe items while upgrading and forcing a crash at the right moment. When i logged back on, the item was still equipped AND also in the upgrade box, complete with duplicated runes.


But yeah, i got to its endgame, finished everything, was fully equipped with insane armor and weapons and most of my skills were 5 star and maxed out. My shadow clone had something like 8 billion hp and would 1 shot most mobs. I was starting to feel a bit bored because i was so overpowered there was nothing to do anymore lol. But once  i get a chance i plan to go back and hit this game with a debugger and hack stuff and probably make a mod which wont be detected, hopefully they'll have added the lqst two areas and some more stuff to do at endgame by then :)


I wouldnt want to play this again but the protected memory has mostly beaten me and i was always making a little progress and finding new thigs (note theres often a very similar value to the real values in memory). Have fun hacking this game though guys. Im enjoying keeping up with this thread. We should all start a guild at some point. Me and Yalarun actually did till we both got banned for using that stupid diamond mod lol.

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