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  1. just do it for your core ones and rush through the journey...can you describe the way to find they values before the match? Hi, if you find the adress of the ultimates/hp and save them, how do you use them in the next fight? is the adress of the same hero, example my Hogan/ enemy Hogan the same? if so, will the game reset if i set enemie ultimate energy at 0...?
  2. I get a msg "bla bla Error, reload game" if I use Energy Cheat or hp Cheat in Campaign or King tower. I get just one result, float, freeze it at 5, use ultimate until I win and woops, doesn't count. Same goes for god mode. Any ideas? I'm lvl30, my chars 61 and tower 46
  3. Is it possible to manipulate the keys from the rune tower?
  4. As long as u manipulate the diamonds you'll get banned. I don't know if the same happens if you hack the other stuff. Do you remember how you changed the gold? Btw, I found the damage but I couldn't change it.
  5. Is it possible to increase the damage with GG? If so, could you teach me?
  6. Wow so annoying, it was a VIP mod... Play android ? With the next update, the diamonds will be serversided and no more hackable.
  7. I read in that forum that some of them were banned for using that hack. I found another trick with GG, you can decrease the Rune upgrade costs to 0 but if you put a negative value, it will increase the costs to 40 billion gold. Maybe we can find out how to earn money instead of paying money.
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