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  1. Yalarun

    Cover Fire Hack

    if nothing works, install a really old version of the google store like a year or more old and install freedom. you can buy anything you want in the game with it.
  2. @Ashish007 i had the same problem the game won't let you play if you are rooted with su so just install xposed and download the latest root cloak module then use it to hide root from the game. If it still doesn't solve it then leave it, the game isnt that good really. Its just a point and click type of garbage
  3. The date on upper left of loading menu says its 23 April and i think that's the real reason however when i tried to use root cloak game just kept crashing without even showing the loading. I've forwarded a ticket let you guys know if the problem is on their side or its just another stupid hack protection.
  4. Even though i downloaded from the play store it still telling me to wait for the full release. Anyone having the same issue?
  5. Yalarun

    Rogue hearts

    Name of Game: Rogue hearts Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ninetailgames.roguehearts.paid Version: 1.3.10 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Crystal(premium currency) Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: tried hacking store values but it didn't work. Comments: My friend managed to hack the crystals in an older version of the game but i think they fixed it.
  6. Did anyone have luck with hacking fame? I think gems can be hacked through fame missions
  7. Yeah i know it didn't happen and i tried really hard to make it happen idk i uninstalled it after couple weeks maybe the game figured i was hacking by now
  8. I used nofear's hack and did everything, didn't get banned try it
  9. Need help guys come on there should be still a way to hack diamonds. Did everything i could still no progression. @NoFearbro did you hack this game before? Edit: NVM i'm an idiot and as always i tried to hack the store last... Hack the store value guys try the legendary lottery one search for 85;425(gem values for prices) you are gonna get 2 value so just edit them to hell of negative.
  10. Yep we all got banned :D:D as soon as the event is finished
  11. Oh man i would kiss you if you were here :D:D thank you! this is amazing
  12. Thanks i've managed to find the timer its system colon 14th one. But.. It messed up every timer i have in game :D:D i may have use it a little bit too much because there is 20h until my next box ahaha:D any idea how to fix it?
  13. I tried to use speed hack but it doesn't effect the timers. Should i change something in the settings?
  14. There are mods on sites and 1 vip mod on ios for gems but i cant find any available hacks on android. Either game has the best protection on market or its not popular as it seems
  15. @NoFear Great job man thank you so much did you try to hack the gems too?
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