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    Thanks for updating the script Sir @Enyby and your very kind enough for sharing your knowledge and also to Sir @Ivovo.
  1. i have also account in 4pda.ru but hard to log in due to the captcha freaking code hahaha... @Kits. just try to log in ur gmail and password then check the box i cannot enter then they will send a link to ur gmail account for you to log in... hehehe.. then share the lua here if you like.
  2. Smptotzkie

    New moderator: NoFear

    Congrats bro @NoFear and will like to see your works once of the days. Welcome and Enjoy^,^
  3. Hi All. Im new to this site/forum and finally i found this site to sharpen my ideas and knowledge about using game guardian. Thank you and keep up the good work Admin!^,^
  4. Smptotzkie

    Game Guardian for not game apps

    Donwloand Amazed VPN in playstore and use lucky patcher and boom you can now use premium servers.
  5. I played this game about 2 years ago and love this game so much. i seach on google and youtube how to hack this game and now finally ive managed to hack this game and made tons of xp level, gold and gems.. A BIG THANK YOU TO BRO @Enyby and @IVovo ! UR GOOD AS I EXPECTED AND THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR BRILLIANT IDEAS TO US******* (evil laug
  6. Smptotzkie

    Mobile Legends Lua (Unlimited Mana + HP + Damage All Hero)

    i tried this but after a minute you will be disconnected in the game and every time ive change the attack value of my hero again you are got dc. i think the ML area already detected this cheat.^^
  7. Smptotzkie

    Requet Guild of Heroes

    Me and my brother played GOH about 1 year ago and got banned also. We, accidentally hacked Diamonds, gold, token in the arena and money in the guild shop to buy legendary items also. WE are using GG but in different ways *****(evil laugh). We, can changed the value of diamonds,gold, arena token and not detected my goh. I remember 1 of those account ive created and make 9B diamond and 9B Gold and after 5 days got banned. I created 10 gmail account just to xplore all possibilities about hacking this game. were not good at hacking but still were learning a few things about hacking and proramming.