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  1. Is that any chance to check what time function is my system running? I believe there is like 10 firmware I can get for my phone. But it takes me 2 hours to change the firmware. I will change my firmware just for this game. Thanks
  2. So I found my green button on "list of timers" , it's on my 6th, so after I uncheck it, everything speeded up except my character is not speed up. If I do checked the 6th green button, then my game frozen. Is that means my game doesn't support speedhack? Thanks
  3. Here is a lot I tried to lower the speed first , it seems working. But once I adjust more than 1, then it frozen GG_logcat_r8.62.0_11755_7.0_24.log
  4. Speedhack used to work for my phone for a while. But I don't know what I did, then Everytime when I try to adjust the speed, it frozen any app. Thanks for help GG_logcat_r8.62.0_11755_7.0_24.log
  5. do anyone know how to have the craft value? upgrade an items using one hacked cv item instead of six regular cv items
  6. wish i know the diamond mod and they ban me,so i can quit playing
  7. how you got banned?! cause the chrismas event?
  8. hopefully hear good news from you! thanks for the xmas epic box, it bring me to level 200!
  9. i would like to pay for gg to hack diamonds instead of buying diamonds on goh
  10. Thank you so much. We still have one more day for epic box. Im still workin on it I saw youtube that kid used gg to locked diamonds, but i guess goh patch it. Wish i have an iphone so i can download the hack on the other forum.
  11. i got down two results. i will try look up for freeze now. guess no luck
  12. how do i lock the epic box thanks!
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