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GG installed as arm libs on Droid4X?

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It could be sort of off-topic, but still somewhat related with GG.

Since speedhack does not work on Droid4X, I checked it and surprised to found out that Droid4X used arm lib instead of x86 lib.


Any idea why it uses arm?
Does Genymotion use x86 lib or arm lib?

Is it supposed to work if I manually extract x86 lib to /data/app-lib?

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Droid4x use arm libs for compatibility.

Genymotion always use x86 libs.

Gg use own way for use appropriate libs. On x86 emulators it always use x86 libs. Does not matter choice by emulator.

Speedhack not work because target app used arm libs.

Manually extract may be work or may be not. Better way remove from target apk arm libs folder and install this apk.

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