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  1. GG w/ same version (92.0) on Pixel 3 (Snapdragon 845 + Android 9) is fine. BTW: On GG start, the "Loading" process is several seconds on K20 Pro. 100% repeatable. "Loading" is transient on Pixel 3 and every previous Android phone I ever used.
  2. The problem: GG UI freezes and become unresponsive for a few seconds, from time to time. System UI also freezes. Android's classic unresponsive app dialog prompts, if the freezing time is long enough. System: Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro with latest system. Snapdragon 855. Android 10. Steps to reproduce it: 0. Open GG; 1. Tap "Select process", sometimes GG freezes; 2. If GG did not freeze, close process list and goto 1. Retry <10 times, and GG freezes at least once. Notes: A. GG might freeze at any operation, e.g. when closing process list. Freezing time seems random. B. There are other apps with floating window, however they never freezes. C. Both SW and HW freezes. The video and logcat are two different runs. Last 10 seconds. GG_logcat_r92.0_15927_10_29.log.7z
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