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  1. I use other script engine/app to automate some game play and I use GG run some task on demand. The problem is, GG script seems to be interrupted if target process is terminated. (Reasonable but block in my way) But sometimes I want to kill/restart the game, and therefore need to automate attach/load script. To make it happen: 1. If it is possible to attach process/load script through local IPC or shell command. I think it is not possible now. 2. Automate tap on GG to attach/load script. But there are two major problems to solve: A. Find the game process can be non-trivial as the position in list seems unpredictable. B. Find GG floating icon can be non-trivial. Anyway, I would like to request some (trivial) features for menu/UI, which benefits humans and also can make my automation easier. 1. Add options to sort process list by pid/display name/package name. IMO a sorted list is much easier to locate the process. (It seems that GG tries to put foremost window's process 1st in list, but not always and other window/process are not sorted. In case there is another floating window around, it is most likely that the floating window's app is 1st in list, and the game is at random list position.) 2. Add a menu entry to set/set floating icon position in menu. Add a menu entry to change floating icon size. IMO a smaller floating window (without auto hide) is most convenient. Remember and apply accurate floating icon position is much easier than struggle to drag GG to correct region every time. (One practical use case is when speedhack is use frequently to tweak speed up/down all the time. GG's floating icon is large, and huge if speedhack's arrows is shown -- I knew long press again can hide arrows, but it is inconvenient if I want to change speed all the time) It would be easiest possible to attach process/load script through local IPC or shell command.
  2. It doesn't make sense and violates Lua manual, because Lua has separate int-div // and fp-div /. (and no formal way to convert between int/fp) I tested it in other Lua 5.3 build: ((1592891810914 / 1000) == 1592891810) => false print(1592891810914 * 0.001) => "1592891810.914" 1.592891810914E9 == 1592891810.914 is a problem: it means string conversion is incompatible with other Lua build. (e.g. serialization creates different output) >> ((1592891810914.0 / 1000) == 1592891810) -- false This is not even a workaround because in practice, since variables could be int or fp. Maybe +.0 or + -.0 can convert int to fp for variables...
  3. e.g. ((1592891810914 / 1000) == 1592891810) evaluates to true in GG Obviously this is not the default behavior of Lua 5.3. GG 99.0, arm64 GG_logcat_r99.0_16126_9_28.log.7z In addition to broken division, converting fp number to string yields different result in GG. print(1592891810914 * 0.001) gives out "1.592891810914E9" in GG, though it is "1592891810.914" in every other lua console I used.
  4. 1. UTF-8 + Hex mixed search seems to omit some results. For example, open a Unity3D game and try to search zero-terminated string UnityWebRequest: utf8 -- [:UnityWebRequest] yield dozens results, and I manually verified that multiple of them ends with \0. utf8+hex -- [Q 'UnityWebRequest' 00] yield very few result, obviously missing many of them. 2. UTF8 etc. search seems to put addresses of every matched string byte into search result, how to make it only add begin address?
  5. GG w/ same version (92.0) on Pixel 3 (Snapdragon 845 + Android 9) is fine. BTW: On GG start, the "Loading" process is several seconds on K20 Pro. 100% repeatable. "Loading" is transient on Pixel 3 and every previous Android phone I ever used.
  6. The problem: GG UI freezes and become unresponsive for a few seconds, from time to time. System UI also freezes. Android's classic unresponsive app dialog prompts, if the freezing time is long enough. System: Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro with latest system. Snapdragon 855. Android 10. Steps to reproduce it: 0. Open GG; 1. Tap "Select process", sometimes GG freezes; 2. If GG did not freeze, close process list and goto 1. Retry <10 times, and GG freezes at least once. Notes: A. GG might freeze at any operation, e.g. when closing process list. Freezing time seems random. B. There are other apps with floating window, however they never freezes. C. Both SW and HW freezes. The video and logcat are two different runs. Last 10 seconds. GG_logcat_r92.0_15927_10_29.log.7z
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