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  1. Hi guys. First of all, i'd like to thank mr @ItsSC for making and sharing the script. I'm trying to use the script but it keeps getting some kind of error and the message shows up: "Script terminado: Script wrote 22,00B in 0 files" Anyone knows how to proceed? I've never used scripts before. Just used to do the searching thing with GG.
  2. I think you could say how you did it, please!
  3. hello guys. some can say if the hack is still workiing?? i tried and could not find or change the values without crashing the game
  4. Yotchuco

    Pokemon Quest

    Actually, it's working fine. But i just couldn't fine de value for mystic shell. It seems not to be respecting to the pattern shown on this post.
  5. Yotchuco

    Pokemon Quest

    i think this method for ingredients is not working anymore
  6. Yotchuco

    Pokemon Quest

    I tried with encrypted values, found some. But they didn't change de amount in game of ingridients.
  7. Yotchuco

    Pokemon Quest

    Hi. Will you share how you manage to locate the adresses for this hack
  8. Yotchuco

    Pokemon Quest

    Hi. Could you please tell how to search for the values for the ingridients? I tried but could not find de especific adress to change it. thanks
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