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  1. Hi, would you tell how you find de values? Is it Dword?
  2. Name of Game: HAWK: Freedom Squadron Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.my.hawk.air.shooter Version: recent What cheat? Pretty much anything. I tried and found values for gold e gems/bluecristals, but everytime i change values it goes back to previous values. I read others post where it was said there is a script in other site, but the link no longer leads to the script.
  3. Yotchuco

    Dash Quest 2

    So Clever!!! Thank you very much.
  4. Yotchuco

    Dash Quest 2

    Could you please tell me how to find the values for gold coins? I tried same thing with the gems but could not find any. I'm really new to GG, i only do simple searches. thanks in advance.
  5. Yotchuco

    Dash Quest 2

    I could not find values for coins. Searching results nothing. In the market same thing, not able to find value for "real cash" and gold. =( The only thing i found was health value. And it is not permanent because it restores to original value after level up.
  6. Yotchuco

    Dash Quest 2

    Thank you vey very much. What i was doing wrong: i did not put that "4" in the group search and the type i left automatic. It was really helpful.
  7. Yotchuco

    Dash Quest 2

    Hi, where do i find this script on the video? Do you have the link? I could not run the script directly by GG.
  8. Yotchuco

    Dash Quest 2

    I could find health value by simple search, but it changes after leveling up to original values. Anybody had any luck?
  9. Yotchuco

    Dash Quest 2

    Name of Game: Dash Quest 2 Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tinytitanstudios.dashquest2&hl=da Version: 1.2.1 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Energy? Money? Diamonds? Anything Have you tried cheating this game? Yes, but I'm a newb... Tried gold and energy and couldn't find any value
  10. Hi guys. First of all, i'd like to thank mr @ItsSC for making and sharing the script. I'm trying to use the script but it keeps getting some kind of error and the message shows up: "Script terminado: Script wrote 22,00B in 0 files" Anyone knows how to proceed? I've never used scripts before. Just used to do the searching thing with GG.
  11. I think you could say how you did it, please!
  12. hello guys. some can say if the hack is still workiing?? i tried and could not find or change the values without crashing the game
  13. Yotchuco

    Pokemon Quest

    Actually, it's working fine. But i just couldn't fine de value for mystic shell. It seems not to be respecting to the pattern shown on this post.
  14. Yotchuco

    Pokemon Quest

    i think this method for ingredients is not working anymore
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