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  1. This hack was working Two updates back and I did see any one using it.
  2. Sound like you broke your game a ban will move your game to the cheater server. That is why we keep copies of our save game.
  3. Now you will see this. Select the Pink value and search it. Now please note let say you search say for instance war items your search result will be eleven and production item is more and expansion item is 9
  4. It will look like that just underneath it is purple value it is pointers tap and hold on the second purple value a menu will open and tap go to pointer.
  5. _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later
  6. LET me ask this way what do you want to do. So I can help you better
  7. I see what you mean season 1-6 crashes when buying it. Sorry for the mis information my mistake 7-10 can still be bought.
  8. It will have dark gray circle display if correctly done yes. And you can not buy residents building or any building like factory vu tower city deposit etc. From the mall.
  9. If you Google ( Simcity buildit item Hack) you will find a working Video's From Game Guardian Tutorials which someone posted.
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