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  1. VortexInfinity

    Hack Ares Virus

    Patch incoming soon
  2. VortexInfinity

    Hack Ares Virus

    Don't post video dev will find out and patch. Use your own brain to figure it out. Use fuzzy search not direct search. Method is already explained very clearly
  3. VortexInfinity

    Hack Ares Virus

    I need help with hacking a game called Ares Virus. Direct search on most values in game such as ammo, health, coins resulted in 0 results. Thanks in advance
  4. VortexInfinity

    Hungry Dragon

    i figured the method first go to 'hide gameguardian from game' and check all 4 boxes xor code for all currency is 444,442. with this you can find all values for currency and modify then accordingly _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later can someone figure out a way to unlock all pets cos I don't find to bore myself buying eggs with 0.01 chance of dropping legendary pets
  5. VortexInfinity

    Exiled Kingdoms <3

    Get a tolassiam tome. Dupe it so that you have many tomes. Use 1. Search 1. Use a 2nd. Search 2 and so on until you find the value. Edit to a high number. And the trait hack is permenant
  6. VortexInfinity

    How to hack pixel gun 3d

    This game is so hard to hack. Tried to hack my ammo with direct search, encrypted search and fuzzy search but all failed. Any help?
  7. VortexInfinity

    Virus in gamguardian

    I think Gameguardian has been infected with a trojan. When I tried downloading GG 8.58.1, it said it was downloading from a website called d.gameguardian.(something i dont know). Then, something called zygote wanted to gain root access. I denied it but now my games all crash when I ran them. Please help.
  8. Which phones are easiet to root/ change selinux to permissive and works well with gameguardian. Because I am considering getting a new phone
  9. VortexInfinity


    Hey mah hero please nake a hack for weapon, tool durability and attack damage
  10. VortexInfinity

    PTRACE_ATTACH game protected 🤔🤔

    Enyby which firmare is the best for GG and which firmware can change SElinus to permissive?
  11. GG 8.53.2 works fine for me especially speedhack and normal search. But GG 8.53.3 cant speed hack and also unable to do normal search. Tried GG 8.53.3 on GG tester does not work GG_5.0_API_21.log
  12. VortexInfinity

    Exiled Kingdoms <3

    Managed to hack traits easy and its permenant hee hee hee. My advise is not search trait points direct. The game does not store the values as a single value rather its a formula tied to your level
  13. VortexInfinity

    PTRACE_ATTACH game protected 🤔🤔

    Pubg uses Battlyeye protection. Want to bypass it, you must a talented progammer.
  14. VortexInfinity

    I really need Exiled Kingdoms Hack!

    How to speed hack it dosent work _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later I manage to find the item id but changing it does not do anything. Changing item id of stuff sold by traders will result in game crash. Are there any method to prevent this?
  15. VortexInfinity

    I really need Exiled Kingdoms Hack!

    Anyone manage to do a damage hack, rate of fire hack, no skill cooldown hack? I manage to hack health and mana points if anyone wants to know post here