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  1. hey dude i know everyone facing this problem soon i will post the video
  2. Then create one by yourself
  3. Hello the script is running almost well in all versions if thats not run i will post new
  4. Its work for all versions of gg and late i can share the instructions ☺
  5. Hello bro i know there no totorial on my script im sorry to both of you and my channel copyright strike by kefir so im not able to put the s*!# videos
  6. @snakerbk im sorry i try find that captain card many times but i don't see that
  7. Bro see it on pack 1 section at last u can see
  8. The script will update within the 2 hours.
  9. There are two steps for using script one is for packs and other one is for individuals items
  10. U r encryption lua didn't work then how can I use that. Then i don't want to use your script for the encryption im sorry
  11. I will try at next time with next update of the game
  12. U copied some other value so its crashes on gasoline
  13. There is another method for free pack and Infinity coin and then level and everything in my script are not same method for getting the stuffs
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