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  1. Just says patch not loaded man and i have tryed to kill game and restart with no protection but then my mobile restarts please find the problem
  2. I am sorry for not understanding but can maby do a video or something and I maby give you sorting if you have PayPal ( ;
  3. Ok so 1 what 2 hack on pubg so I got the script and everything. But when i select pubg as processes it will go like a sec or 2 but then the error: PTRACE_ATTACH game protected . But in som cases it will start but then when I try execute the file the same error will come.... and I have tried to kill the program and restart with no protection but when I try 2 open pubg agen my phone just restart.. please help me Device info ------Samsung s8----- -------Nougat 7----- -------rooted------- --------gameguardian 8.53.2------ Tnx for taking your time 2 read this please help me
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