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  1. Mizan420

    Gathering information about GG errors

    Latest version of Standoff 2 is detecting Gameguardian
  2. Found the problem in the version of GG in which Java timers were added. I have downloaded old version of GG before adding Java timers and they work well. No problem in touch action. All games work well with touch action. Please give some suggestion about this.
  3. It is not working. And the problem is not only in one game but also other games. Tiny Bouncer, Hitman Sniper, Cordy. I have played tiny bouncer 8-10 months ago with old version of GG. But now in this version the touch action after increasing or decreasing the speed doesn't work properly. In my opinion may be there is problem in this version of GG. May be adding Java timers in ART causing the problem
  4. Hello sir, I was just testing speedhack with the game 'Horizon Chase'-racing game. I have used GG(8.47.0) in phoenix os(x86) and in my Galaxy A7 2016. In phoenix os the speedhack works much well. I don't have to change any settings there and the speed(0.5) of the game becomes as per my demand. But the problem is in my A7. After changing the speed to 0.5, the touch action don't work perfectly. I touch the screen for some moment and remove the finger from the screen, but the touch action continues to work though I have removed my finger from the screen.
  5. Mizan420

    Closing down mod downloads

  6. Mizan420

    how to hack gameloft game like ganstar vegas etc

    You can google. There are some search tricks to hack a game that doesn't hack in a simple way. For example, Asphalt 8 can be hacked the following . Go to first mission. Play it once. Become first. Now look over the money chart that comes after winning the mission, you will find mission pass money (may be 216) scrolling up to the top. Now play that mission again. Search for 216 in gameguardian and change value to 999999999. Finish the game in first position. And you will get infinite money
  7. Mizan420

    how to hack gameloft game like ganstar vegas etc

    I want to give you suggestion. If you want to hack Gameloft games then I recommend you not to connect to internet after hacking. If you connect to the internet, Gameloft will surely ban you from playing that game. I have experienced such things hacking Asphalt 8 Airborne. You have to remain offline forever.
  8. Mizan420

    speed hack not working in King of thieves

    Old is gold.
  9. Mizan420

    Reaper A tale of pale swordsman

    Did anybody succeed?
  10. Can't hack money, health. Help
  11. Mizan420

    Epic War TD 2

    Can't hack money? Help.
  12. Mizan420

    Select memory ranges

    Can anyone describe me about the select memory ranges? I have seen code app are dangerous but haven't used them. Why they are dangerous? Give me just a brief description of all ranges.
  13. Mizan420

    Anomaly 2

    No need I have hacked it. In gameguardian, go to settings-->select memory range-->select 'other' and 'stack'. Now in game search caurasarum you got. REMEMBER: ENCRYPTED MODE should be enabled and value should be searhed as FLOAT. Change the value as usual and search. After searching for 4-5 times you will get some address with definite number, which are same as the number of your caurasarum. You may get those address with lesser search. Just change those number. I hadn't change others which have got some big numbers, only changed the address which have got definite number.I had tried giving 99999 (five 9's). Here it is, you will get good amount of caurasarum. N.B. I HAVE NEVER FREEZED THEM AND AND OTHER EXPERIMENT. YOU MAY TRY THOSE. I AM HAPPY TO GET THIS HACK AND TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU. THANK YOU.
  14. Mizan420

    Anomaly 2

    Is there anyone who can help me to this topic?
  15. Mizan420

    Anomaly 2

    Had anyone hack caurasarum in anomaly 2? Please help.