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  1. One more question. Is that UI Acceleration?
  2. So, did you mean, HW for those who have less ram and SW for those who have more ram? Am I right?
  3. Sorry. ART means Android Runtime. I know its abbreviation, but don't know anything about it. Because, i'm just Twelvth class-pass student. But, I feel very sorry that the problem can't be solved.
  4. So, @Enyby, you are the lead coder on GameGuardian development board. Will this problem be solve in future?
  5. So, did you mean that only king of thieves use java timers in lollipop or above and others don't? OR, all game use java timers?
  6. Okay. After experimenting some games in marshmallow, I had found that speedhack works on games playing in marshmallow, like riptide gp 2, pvz2, geometry dash. So, why speedhack works on these games and not on king of thieves? Will user can get the solution in next update?
  7. So, any solution? If I can speedhack this game, it will be more fun. 'Cause I can build more hard traps.
  8. GG's speedhack not working in king of thieves playing in marshmallow. But it worked in jelly bean. Or may be, it isnot os problem. In jelly bean, i have used a GG version 8.10.something and in marshmallow i'm using 8.11.0. I don't know but it should be fixed.
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