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  1. Trust me guys,I was able to hack golds too,but then,the game became way too boring,so please dont try to hack gold,it will remove the fun from the game.
  2. ashu

    New theme

    Looks way much better than what there was previously.
  3. ashu

    New theme

    First to vote I guess.
  4. ashu

    Future theme

    Ya,Revolution Red theme is good.
  5. ashu

    Future theme

    ,mind if I recommend some premades? Or you prefer customs?
  6. I didn't win. Congrats anyways,enjoy your VIP.
  7. Ya,already mentioned in the thread to get tie 97 weapons,plz read first.
  8. Welcome to the GG Team Mate.
  9. Its not impossible,it takes some extra good modder to do it. And Yes,if it's survey,it's surely fake.
  10. They people are Chinese,they have modded apk's which are not even in english,.
  11. You want to change your level so that you can unlock tier 97 weapons,Right? If yes,then just search the present level,example-13,then try to level up,then search for the increased level,repeat this until you get 2-3 results,change them to 100 AND LOCK THEM. Go the game,play a bit,then go the shop and you are done.
  12. Ya,multiplayer has been patched.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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