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  1. rophiroth

    Hungry Dragon

    Haha yeah, I can't remove protection, my phone just restart ^^ help
  2. Cant edit... changing vales on a box dont crush ?
  3. I only find lietral word, but other 2 encrypted qword and 2 xor, when editing 1 of the literal word the 1 qword change, but the other not... maybe both qword must be cloned. tried and nothing works. weird
  4. Yeah, someone made it out to level up stat or ohers on version 1.7.3? I already have max stat of the last version.. but now its different ?
    This script also get you killed by 1 hit, would be nice to be able to disable the script against immortal bosses and then reactivate when they are vulnerable. To achieve this without the script to to the first value, go to, then edit the address above as byte (it will have a value of - 32, set to 0 and then reverse each time you are safe and want to 1 hit a boss Thanks
  5. where can i find freedom? looks like a lot of fake app on internet
  6. No news for this game?
  7. Still don't get a Lua scripter? I was lua scripter on tibia pirate servers, should be not problem revert engineer GG scripts to help you
  8. Don't know of a GG hack, last hack I've seen work was a modded apk
  9. how old is this game? its looks like values are server sided, doesn't get yet to directly buy
  10. Yes, its working, no ban nor hack at the moment
  11. please guide me rophiroth@gmail.com
  12. I got banned x'D someone has a better hack to recover my progress? one hit kill is not enough thanks
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