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  1. Hi that values have a XOR encryption Example: reward: 790 coins 444.444 XOR 790 = 445.194 you search 445194 this page have a online calculator http://xor.pw/#
  2. ksaor88

    LUA scripting

    Hi blank01. You tried concatenating the strings... Try this: data[1] .. ';' .. data[2] .. ':9'
  3. Hi everybody don't use gg un the mff because detect and banned the account. I Lost 4 account. I try only in history mode and same result banned account...
  4. Hi Enyby. How do you know what random ti choose?
  5. ksaor88

    LUA scripting

    "Use lua io for work with files. Read lua reference manual." Thanks Enyby I read the tutorial it's very good. The functions that I wrote are to obtain the directory where the script is being executed (current directory), I give an example of what I am using in case one of them serves: this is the principal file "All.lua": local p=gg.getFile() local path=p:sub(2,-string.len(string.gsub(p,".*\/",""))-1) gg.toast('First Character CHANGES',true) dofile(path .. "Character1.lua") gg.toast('Second Character CHANGES',true) dofile(path .. "Character2.lua") The file Character1.lua it is in the same directory and contains (this is an extract of the file) : gg.setVisible(false) gg.clearResults() gg.toast('Defenses',true) gg.searchNumber ('9012D;159F::32', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.searchNumber ('159', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(gg.getResultCount()) gg.editAll('999999', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) [... more changes etc...] gg.clearResults() ***( The second file changes the search number for the 2 character) In this way we can place the script in any directory and can find the files that have to execute and be able to have the most ordered and shortest code. Dividing, in my case by characters, so when I upload the level and the values change I just have to open the corresponding character file and do the changes. I hope I explained well. Sorry for my English
  6. ksaor88

    LUA scripting

    Hi Enyby I did not know how to share these functionalities for the lua scripts: if you have to move them to another post, do it without problems. Get Filename local p=gg.getFile() p=p:gsub(".*\/","") example: /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/All.lua return "All.lua" Get PathName local p=gg.getFile() local path=p:sub(1,-string.len(string.gsub(p,".*\/",""))-1) example: /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/All.lua return "/storage/emulated/0/Pictures/" 2 functions that can help us all. For now they do not accept "white spaces" in the name of the directory. "/storage/emulated sd/0/Pictures/" return error o nil
  7. Hi NoFear thank you for showing me that it is possible. I am using the gameguardian and the game not detect it. Now it's hard work to find the values to change... ?????
  8. Thanks NoFear i'm wating You tutorial
  9. Name of Game: Marvel Future Fight Play Store Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netmarble.mherosgb&hl=es_419 Version: 3.4.0 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Health, coins, Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: show message with the leyend "security alert code: 5" and close the game Comments: Hi everyone. I tried hack this game but, the game run a second process called nmcore. This process detect xposed, access to memory, and a lot of hacks. All games of "Netmarble" contains this process. Somebody an idea how hack this? P.D.: If kill the process nmcore the game close too.
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