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  1. I won't vive it yo anywone cause it's the rule. Just want to enjoy it toi.
  2. Please send me the tutorial to the following email address: senjocity@gmail.com Thank you in advance
  3. Hello Çan i get it at : senjocity@gmail.com Please
  4. can someone send me the apk at "senjocity@gmail.com"
  5. Hi guys is there someonee to send me the apk please on senjocity@gmail.com 'll be greatfull
  6. can someone send it for me on senjocity@gmail.com cause i had mad a mistake in my previous email
  7. i maid i mistake in my mail i forgotted the "i". the current is senjocity@gmail.com. thaks for a new reply
  8. Please can U send me the apk on : senjocty@gmail.com thanks for your job
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