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  1. Credits hack still works but ban is inevitable or very risky. I've been very busy so I can't help anybody ( it's the reason that I closed the credits hack).
  2. Thanks for your support @NoFear. Soon I'll be very busy with other things but after I'll try this again and if I need help I'll let you know.
  3. @SeregaT562 I gave you for free Credits on your another account, I can’t give you more, the free offer is only once.
  4. I haven't cheated out any acc, @5ariaJaria didn't give me your FB login, so I can't help her. I already said, I won't share the hack method but I can give a sample of for free Credits.
  5. Proof: Credits hack (last version 1.9.x)
  6. Thanks @absolutenothing, it's good to know. So Max Rank is 999. @datguygamer there's the answer a your question, maybe you discovered it too.
  7. I uploaded a video about it. Enjoy ?
  8. Profile Pic appears after entering to Inventory or playing a battle.
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