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  1. @penrod, check out some of the youtube video jenneh posted in the forum, i think she got tutorials for them scripts and before anyone else ask, i got the stats from a igg thread a while back, after that i did a test myself, recorded 100+ run and the success rate is indeed around 30% also if you don't 100% the dungeon, the shard rate is around 18% only. here's the original thread http://us.forum.igg.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=65897
  2. the drop rate for shards are around 33% for 100%ing it. so assume u farm 24/7 that's 40 shards * 3 * 24 = 2880 shards times that by .33 you get 950 shards per day on average then add in the hbm shards, you easily go above 1k shards a day, if u use scripts and runs the comp 24/7 achievable, pretty tideous work though.
  3. i think skill level and ur dmg matters a great deal when i use immortep's skill on my smurf account, it takes forever for my team to do dungeon 8, the heroes are level 60 and they can't kill the enemy fast enough, times out
  4. that's a lot of dedication, kudos to you~~
  5. got it thanks for the info on the hb glitch. but that means all your smurf account need 500k to start a guild right? and 50 account is a lot to manage xD i use 1 smurf and am already too lazy to switch to it to do hbm xD.
  6. she might've edited out the part where she edited the memory 1 by 1. just tried changing the first address's memory, won't change your hero's hp except that particular one. so we still need to edit it one by one for now. edit: weird.... it worked for blue heroes but not legendary .... i've no idea why haha and don't change it to 0, change to 328448 as in the video
  7. wait what? don tell me there's still a HB exploit? back then you could create a guild for 1 gem and keep doing it, what other method are there?
  8. as far as i know, there's no way around it. was doable a couple month ago. not possible anymore
  9. oh i was wondering where "this guy" went for all this time~~ all hail the almighty anon, cc hacked started bcs of you, cob would never have shared if u haven't in the first place.
  10. there is nothing for me to share..... once you modify the hp, resources just don't decrease from the smurf..... i don't know how or why....
  11. why does it work? i donno, the point is using the hack ur smurf resource won't decrease. if you don't use the hack u'll run out of resource pretty quickly
  12. a quick tip for those of you with smurfs that you attack for gold. a guy named anoninthehood released the first cc hack here on the forum, this trick works on every hack i've used since then, including this one. When you raid someone's base, their resources doesn't decrease. I pretty much abuse this to always have max gold. So those that say don't use it in raid, i use it everyday xD. Anyway, you know what type raids u shouldn't use the hack in
  13. not sure how, but my towers 1-2 shot all enemy heroes in hbm. so it works fine
  14. 6 star druid at line 51 7 star thunder god line 62 7 star pumpkin duke line 71 4 star cupid line 134 6 star reaper line 88
  15. are you able to work on the code that generate units by any chance? there was a thread on AGH few weeks ago, got deleted right away though. i'm assumming through summon changing things in IDA gets you any unit you want
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