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  1. does it rly work to hack? I was looking for some mod but didnt find any. atm Im at 3042fame without hacks lmao
  2. sadly need to agree.but im sure there are still ways to hack it and find holes in hack protection.
  3. I'll just give u a small tip:when ur hero is about to lvl up there are 3 values:gold,honor bagges and dungeon flames that u need for upgrade.try to look for the gold amount u need to upgrade to get adress of hero u would like to modify stats.had full tutorial but that is fixed now and shared it only with vips.but I gave u now the most needed clue how is it made.
  4. Idk why is it so hard for some1 to make paypal acc when u have google play acc with crdit card....u just need credit card to make paypal so its not that hard...
  5. All u need is gg...but every new patch have fix because they are checking logs.so when u find out some hack use it as much as u can till they patch game.but there are always new ways to make it u just ned to find right adress for that what u need.but this game is 100% hackable.and best is that they don't ban hackers because they know that only through hackers they can improve the game
  6. Pls move this post again to requests.game is cheat able and not fully server sided.
  7. sry but I will share only to vips so u will need to get vip.
  8. Not rly true I have succesfully hacked stats of my heroes so I can wipe any1 I want.game isn't full serversided...
  9. New update fixed this way I'm sure here is spy from igg in vips because it was warking all the time till I didn't shared this here
  10. So Iwe seen many ppl are playing castle clash and till now there was no1 able to hack the game because its server sidet.but not whole game!!!!!!! Iwe found a way to not hack the game but to 100% win the combat,so u can make all dungeons or beat any player in game its so simple.when u enter combat just look up in gg for amount of soldiers u want to multiple I think every1 know how to continue after second search u will get the right number and change it to 2000 that's totaly enaugh for any win.and don't worry about getting banned.its undetectable.after game u will get report only with loss u entered combat so no1 can get how u win with so small army please DONT SHARE!!!if u don't want them to fix this.I'm sharing this only because I trust in gg VIP comunity.have fun
  11. When u lock values u can use gold and mana but when u spent higher value then 40k then it don't work and u need to restart game
  12. Yea but dont see the reason to pay for premium then and for that much money.
  13. Max downloadable file size is 96mb on premium so its like unusable...u can download apks but not sd data...
  14. wtf!!!! every click i make o site i need to put that stupid catchpatcha......are u serious????

  15. looking for MC3 TiBu save game with hacked credits and rank

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