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  1. 17 minutes ago, JustForFun192837 said:

    What is this, this can not just be for nothing right, I don't think that game Guardian will allow this.


    It's the prompt/warning built into GG.

    Anytime a script wants access to Internet, this is the warning. So if you are using an unknown script, you've been warned at what could be possible.

  2. Archero Script

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    13 minutes ago, ItsSC said:

    Damn nice! I just realize they changed all the addresses of the game after the night I publish new version.

    I might show you my method for this game....  Gems/Energy....

    Assuming they didn't patch it. Unlikely. Can't patch what isn't known.

  3. Archero Script

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    42 minutes ago, ItsSC said:

    I never make revive with 1 gold feature, that's always revive with 1 gem.

    Might want to fix your script 2.0.0 description then...


    -Add infinite revive with 1 gold.


  4. Archero Script

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    1 hour ago, Gomido said:

    They reversed my progress in the game after 4 hours. I used item hack and gold hack. Script nice, however, the policy of the game developers is a failure.

    Didn't use atk/hp or anything like that?

    Strictly gold and item?


  5. Archero Script

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    15 minutes ago, CodeKiller said:

    Still not working because of PTrace (if you cannot attach to the process you cannot do anything on it so...).

    OnePlus 3, Android 9, Archero 1.1.2, GG 83.

    And I don't get the point of playing Android games on PC through emulator...

    Is it ptrace? Or gg detected?

    Launch game. Let game idle for few, install gg. See if that works. Game might only do check on launch.

  6. Archero Script

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    45 minutes ago, Emphaty1 said:

    I think that if you dont have about 1 milions coins, 50k gems and 3 trilions energy you won't get ban, but maybe I am wrong..

    Don't think that's true....

    I'm not active in the game. That could be why I am safe

  7. Archero Script

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    34 minutes ago, ItsSC said:


    Pretty sad...

    No co-op

    No VS

    Limited solo campaign.

    Deleting accounts? My guess would be this could be future additions to the game. So clean out the hackers before that implementation.

  8. Archero mod menu (AMM)

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    15 minutes ago, SB2P said:

    im gonna upload 3.5 rn its only has energy gems iknow its easy and i added a video how to use hacks(i think energy resets when you restart the game) i probably wont add unlimited gems cuz its only my first script 

    Congrats on your first script.

    You can get scrolls/gems/energy to all save permanently. 

    Nice work, keep it up 

  9. On 8/14/2018 at 9:04 PM, Luc1f3r said:

    Yo Morty, so here's the problem

    The script itself works fantastically. However, everytime I actually finish a race using the script, the reputation points I've earned from the race are not added to the Club/Season reputation.

    Now I've checked if it's something to do with using the same device, but it isn't. 

    You have any ideas? 


    Gameloft server sided patch. Unlimited nitro hacks no longer earn club rep. Use on leaderboard events, you'll be put on the hacker board and will not receive ANY reward at the end of the event.

  10. PMC 2.8 Pubg Mobile Script

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    On 7/5/2018 at 2:06 PM, Aqildanish said:

    Got ban INSTANTLY! although already use ur modded apk..dont post fake thing pls.

    This game, there is no guaranteed ban prevention... 

  11. PUBG Mobile Hack Working 0.61

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    Just using GG on pubg runs the risk of ban. I could be wrong, but just attaching gg to game and searching is all it takes You've changed ptrace status, which is now logged and reported, now just wait.

  12. GO Multiple

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    8 minutes ago, Arsenel said:

    Harry potter hogwarts mystery isn't running on parallel space or any other app for multiple account. What would i do then?? 

    Are you rooted?

    You can copy data from parallel (even though you can't play), it generates a new account.

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