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  1. You have to bypass the anti cheats Example Bool isban = true Then have to turn it around Bool isban = false Likewise, cheatdetected or injected should make it false If I'm wrong, I'm sorry, I also still know a little about bypass anticheats
  2. Il2cppdump version 6.7.25 use #c shell android app to run it Il2CppDumper 6.7.25.zip
  3. Only value in region anonymouse Other than that it can't
  4. if i have enough free time
  5. Use x8sanbox mod , it's no limit
  6. There is a protected value in the game
  7. If so then the better step is to root the smartphone
  8. Use the virtual app from the gameguardian web Or use x8 sandbox
  9. You didn't try x8 sandbox ?

    A question

    Well like that
  11. I can't try because the rural network is very slow, if possible when I'm in the city I can try
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Gameguardian mod is not allowed here, so don't discuss the topic of game guardian mod

    A question

    If you want it, you have to be active, not just login and logout
  15. View File B2b Delta Satu tembakan mode dewa amunisi besar Only game 32bit Submitter CYBORG-WARRIOR Submitted 08/02/2022 Category LUA scripts  
  16. 446 downloads

    Satu tembakan mode dewa amunisi besar Only game 32bit
  17. yes I also use aim assist and aimlock but it doesn't work (I activate it in training) so just use the existing features first
  18. unfortunately my network is very slow because it is in the countryside search levelup or XP (something related to that) and give it a try And the game uses the Unity engine?
  19. if the game is easy, the security can be hacked, the drop rate can be hacked, especially if the game uses the unity engine
  20. only xa region that I want, because if there is no CD the result is not available
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