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    Watch on YouTube: ARM to HEX converter on Android - edit opcode - GameGuardian ARM to HEX / HEX to ARM converter (#8pvm0ni6)
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    Watch on YouTube: ARM converter (opcode to HEX) - GameGuardian ARM converter (#t0c9ypo)
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    Watch on YouTube: 97.0: Added group search by the condition "not equal" - GameGuardian
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    Watch on YouTube: 96.0: Fixed work in some 64-bit virtual spaces - GameGuardian
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    Watch on Youtube: How to install on the BlueStacks emulator - GameGuardian
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    Watch on Youtube: 90.0: Added UI button for scripts - GameGuardian
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    Watch on YouTube: 96.0: Added Thumb assembler - GameGuardian
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    Watch on YouTube: 87.0: Added Java Random interception in Unrandomizer - GameGuardian
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    Watch on YouTube: No root via Parallel Space on Android 9.0 Pie - GameGuardian Parallel Space + 64-Bit Support (#cy2mamce) Tap Counter (#1e1gmlc8)
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    Watch on YouTube: Proper install without root - GameGuardian
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    Search: 150;5;5;0;5:17 type - dword. Where 5 5 0 5 - is your MAX upgrade. 150 - is car id for Fenyr. After that goto to memory editor from number 150. Select in memory editor in format value only dword. Select 8 values after 150 and save them into saved list as Dword. Go to saved list. Select all. Edit all selected and set to 5. In/out to upgrade screen - you have MAX PRO Fenyr for use in R&D test. After reload game all faked PRO ugrades disappear. You can use this hack for R&D and EDD, but in TLE you get cheater mark if you race with hacked PRO upgarde. This hack can be used for any car. Car ids placed in attached file. car_ids.txt
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    Example of search encrypted value with search unknown. You can subscribe to our new videos.
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    You can subscribe to our new videos. Watch on YouTube: Speed hack and time jump - GameGuardian

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