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    Version 1.1.0


    Simple gg.choice menu which shows what hack was used time.
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    Version v3.0


    Tired of copy pasting your menu code over and over ?, Wanna ready to use menu ? Here, Firstly, you need a most basic lua knowledge such array to use this template. I already put example into script, so enjoy ! I hope this will help most user struggling with thousand spam of line contain the same thing. Don't forget to press ❤ button below ! Formatting / Usage: ... MyMenu = { -- { Menu Title: String, Menu Type: Boolean }, {"Template v3 - saiaapiz", true}, { -- { Button Name: String, Button Content: table or function } "Destroy Earth !", function() gg.alert("We still need earth, aborting ..") end, -- {"Button Name / Submenu Name", Table: Menu Structure } "What console did you like ?", { -- Submenu, please look at example how to utilize it. } ... -- Don't forget to include initMenu function code into your project. Example of usage: Templates for Using Offsets (#68um1uri) by @AKRAMRAZA
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    Version 1.0.0


    The Script has a few inbuilt templates for using offsets in scripts. Also , it has a few basic information for beginners. Just run the script and select your choice. Template will be copied to clipboard , paste in a new file and make required adjustments . If you get any doubt using it just watch the video. If you think something else is missing in the script then please respond here. Credits - @Enyby and Team for such an amazing app Main Menu - Main menu Template adapted from Template_v3 by @saiaapiz
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    Version 1.5.0


    Replace Dubai tracks in quick solo race to Rio de Janeiro, Area 51, Patagonia, Munich Subway, Transylvania or Orbital Loop tracks and back. Video: Asphalt 8: Airborne - new maps in quick solo race - lua script - GameGuardian
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    Version 1.3


    _______________________________________ [1] Garden Mania 3 [2] Subway Surfers [3] Idle Miner Tycoon [4] AFC: Air Force Zone [5] Hill Climb Racing 2 [6] Swamp Attack [7] Angry Birds Star War 2 [8] Idle Farming Empire [9] Idle City Empire [10] Angry Birds 2 [11] Mobile Legends: Bang Bang [12] League of Stickman [Free/Premium] [13] Candy Charming [14] Factory Inc. [NEW] _______________________________________ Encrypt Free For ALL Tested on GameGuardian 76.1 Mod
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    Version 1.0.0


    This script is for beginners who don't know or get confused regarding how to use prompt inputs.It contains templates for getting input from user and then using it in the script. Also , these are a few possible ways , I tired to cover all possible basic aspects , you can be innovative and create much more scripts by using these basic ideas. Just run the script and select your choice , template will be copied , paste in a new document file , to see it and use it in any script.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is for beginners.All type of script menus at one place.Script has inbuilt all types of basic menu templates.Just run the script and select your choice , the template will be copied to your clipboard , just paste in new file and make your changes.It makes writing scripts very easy , just small changes and your script is ready.
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    Version 1.0.0


    It is a template for a menu which multichoice sub menus inside multichoice sub menus inside multichoice sub menus. It can be extended as many sub menus you want.
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    Version V2


    Features - Health, Armor, Energy x32 - Melee damage x8000 - Super Critical x9000 - Instant Skill Use

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