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    What vpn you use and how do you not get banned instantly?
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    What a nice concept, really cool ! But, you missed one point of social application. When you make it paid version.. it doesnt look like an social app. Just look other social site, forum. Just my suggestion..
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    Guys i want to hack PUBG to get some UC plz
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    Thank you said to help me
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    Mx encryption is endecryptable bcs it blocks all decrypt tools. Sstools, compilation and etc. We can that decrypt only half script but source codes will defeat. Mx is strongest for gg lua scripts.
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    I try v4 too but anyway it cannot block decrypt by compilation
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    But it's been improved _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later it perform activity:
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    Root?Android 4.4 ↑ ? -Open Unlock →Exit Game→open Game
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    Ok . So u are telling that it blocks "load" yea ? Do u want to see how it blocks load? It block only original compiler version . Huh .