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  1. Version 1.3


    Let me know if your encountering any problems.
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  2. Version 1.0.0


    Teleport, infinite energy, invisible cape Home party, blue color telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/W4KLRx6ntl04ODJh
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  3. Goodnight friend! Could you create a new currency script for the current version 9.4? I thank you for your attention! Hug!
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  4. File Name: iGameGuardian File Submitter: Aqua File Submitted: 09 Aug 2012 File Category: Official Downloads iGameGuardian 5.0 for iOS 6.x/5.x is published, but NOT free. For VIP+, you are entitled to get it for only USD $1.5. See more information here: http://igameguardian.blogspot.com or http://aquawu.blog.com ———————————– << V 5.0 >> * Support int8, int16, int32, and float32 data format! * Fix Save function in iOS 6. * Add Sort function: sort by name and sort by address. * Add Bias function: add a offset to all addresses in Saved List. * Change process name to avoid detection. (It will be blocked soon, just enjoy now) * Improve installation/uninstallation procedures. * Support long press in several tabs. ———————————– << V 3.1 >> * Improve the memory browser/editor . Support 1-byte, 2-byte, and 4-byte data format . Provide better UI control * Save the settings in More tab. * Dismiss the dialogs, which don’t have a “Cancel” button, by long pressing. * Fix one search issue. ———————————– << V 3.0 >> * Memory browser/editor * Use storage option: use disk storage instead of memory to reduce memory pressure. * Configurable search range -------------------------------- iGameGuardian 2.0 for iOS 5.x Overview: Without it, you are played by games; with it, you play games in your own rules! “iGameGuardian” is a game hack/alteration tool for iOS. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design. ** JB (jailbreak) ONLY ** This tool only works in jailbroken devices!! Main Features: 1. Search game value with precise number. 2. Search game value with vague instructions, e.g. larger or smaller. 3. Lock the game value to a fixed number. 4. Save/Load the managed list. Installation: 1. Put the file under directory /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall/ of your jailbreak iOS device. 2. Reboot your device, it will be installed automatically. 3. Reboot again to take new configurations. Un-installation: 1. Cydia > Manage > Packages > iGameGuardian > Modify > Remove > Confirm Known Issues: 1. iOS would disable certain sub-systems when screen is off; that may cause this APP failed. DO NOT let you screen off when iGameGuardian is busy, e.g. searching, scrolling. Notes: * Before install the newer version, please uninstall the old one first. Enjoy playing games in your own way! E-mail: [email protected] -------------------------------- << V 2.0 >> * Remove AdMob!! -------------------------------- << V 1.1 >> * Fix the toolbar layout in iPhone landscape mode * Fix fuzzy search dialog layout * Reload AD when enter Help tab -------------------------------- Download: igameguardian20.deb
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  5. By the way, does anyone know if this is working in version 9.4?
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