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How to move data from Parallel Space to original App

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Without root, no way. With root - by copying the data folder and changing permissions.

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12 hours ago, Enyby said:

Without root, no way. With root - by copying the data folder and changing permissions.

I have no root but I can move data for Some games - goto parallel space folder/.../game data copy to android game data.

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    • By Totoxe
      Hey, I found some problems trying to use Game Guardian in my Xiaomi Mi A3 no rooted with Parallel Space.
      I've downloaded the last apk (89.0) of GG and what I think of last update of Parallel Space (I've downloaded today here in the forum, both Parallel_Space_4.0.8886_Android9+_gg_signed.apk and Parallel_Space_4.0.8886_gg_signed.apk) with no luck.
      My problem is with the process finding. I cannot find any game or apps. The only process I find are 2 for play services, 2 for Parallel Space and sometimes a "something"_phantom who turn into nothing when I try to select it.
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      As I said, the parallel space that I downloaded from the GameGuardian forum did not bring up the application icon, while the normal application that comes from Playstore works normally (but cannot be used due to error 105). This also happens with the lite version.
      For parallel space from GameGuardian, it will always load as shown. While the normal version, the icon will appear normally.

      Every time i want to log in on google play a "error" pops up and it says google play services doesnt work with out google play services thats currently updating (Picture is in dutch).
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      I cannot log into facebook inside a game to load my previous saved game data in parallel space. I press continue on facebook login page then get an error saying "tab crashed" or a black screen appears & nothing happens. Please help with any solutions/ideas/workarounds. Thanks in advance.
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      For some reason ldoe is not loading in the virtual space. i didn't  tried on non modified  virtual space but those i downloaded fro. Here are not working 
      Neither ps version nor modded are loading it crashes on loading scree 
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