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  1. food_ or sea_food ? Or if u have codes
  2. When testing dont login to google play. If u mess up. Just take backup folder and it works. XP hck fails for me ..not sure why. I find th edouble ..but lvl restarts after restaranyone has those fish recipes energy showed ? @zam got the pcks to work finally
  3. Basically you can't use that account in another device if no google and no root. Hey why you are lvl 100 xp hck isnt working anymore , not safe to do it ? I'm about to try on my new account
  4. Without google play you cant save progress. You are rooted ? Can you just tell me why it wasnt working for you at first ? I'm going through same stuff
  5. So you don't carry your save
  6. Ps google login works for you ? It stopped for me few weeks ago
  7. Why it wasnt working for you at first? I tried 40 times, it deducts the coin but no swapping done. I can buy the packs.. but doesnt show after restart. Are you on rooted phone or virtual/3mulator ?
  8. You also have 70 under need how ? Btw in android octopus I just flush the game. Maybe it's that. How to quit , how did u get that option I only have it in memu when I press exit
  9. I dont have any packs . I notice you have gasoline below the packs .. so how you got 999+ packs ? It did not swap your gasoline to packs
  10. Packs modify at transaction. But dont add after buying. After restart it still gasoline. You said it wasnt working for you too. Why or how it started working ?
  11. How do you do, do you convert the gain before buying. Or after once in inbox
  12. Changing gasoline in inbox isnt Changing gasolin in inbox isnt working . How you do it ? When I modify it only modifies when at buying window.
  13. I think you got it right. Were you able to open those packs you had? Usually packs are listed above. For me it did not add. Are you on telegram Let say I have 170 gasoline in my inbox.. I can't replace with packs. When buying it changes visually but doesnt add. How u do it specifically
  14. He means red tank for the atv building ...maybe
  15. This didint work with packs, I can use the packs instead of gas but doesnt add to inventory. What about the methot you buy gasoline and swap gasoline I'd in inbox. Gasoline id in inbox is it different then the one it appears in where you purchase it ?
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