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  1. Just a same old hack lmao
  2. My own hack sorry ,i don't want it to get patched cya
  3. @Mohamadfatur there is no such thing host to bypass cheat detection. Dont play brutal what? I use hack brutally on my main didnt event banned, and use your leeched hack on my dummy account and banned lmao
    I guess this is not your script, but so far most of the function are mostly from old patch and game is going glitchy by now after using this script
  4. Script doesn't work like it was in description. Some of it just making the game glitchy in some way especially the antenna and aim lock make the sensitivity gone crazy
  5. d*** nice pasted code bro, no more new hack? still the same as always only the value change a bit...
  6. you can put anything hehehe even
  7. ok thanks for sharing , keep it up ! you are the best !!
  8. doesnt work bro, crush the game after use
  9. idk let me try again sorry _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later any ingame picture please
    Fake, pasted vip code from other source that are free. no new bypass. same as always.
    Good vip just bought today. The aim config really good, especially aim head only, will give you 5 star if you fix the no recoil thank you! Anyone who have problem with color code do p.m me for the free script, i will gladly teach how to make it work
  10. Bought the vip , really good <3 thank you give u 4 star review, since the no recoil still buggy. The aim config really good , keep up the good work pls, also please fix the no recoil thanks
  11. How to contact you? The color code working so well thanks. I hope i can try the aimbot
  12. Is this hack still working and undectable?;and what apps you use to cheat and to convert. Anyway tq
  13. i think i can made it so version 1.2.7 fake it into 1.2.8 after i got my wifi back i try edit it. Because some other game i did make like that before to make 1 fake it into v 2 . i post it after i made it.
  14. I think not,because monster data is been save on the server even you can change it the chances of be banned are 80% . There is a way to summon monster using normal scroll but summon 4-5* using packet editor. I dont know its working . but some are using it didnt even share it.
  15. Name of Game:Chaos Fighter Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gp.chaosfightersUS&hl=en Version:3.4 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Any Cheat Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?:Have try to duplicate thing doesn't work, gold, exp etc. Comments:If someone can do i try help.
  16. yep. already patched. they change the code that 1 monster = 1 if duplicated = same code = monster doesn't exist. I think it can be edited by using packet editor but i don't know how to use or got apps for android devices.
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