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Found 2 results

  1. Name of Game: Summoner's War Sky Arena Game Version: 1.2.7 Name of Cheat: Maxed Skills and 6* from any 5* monster As of 1.2.9 this method may no longer work Steps: Open both Summoner's War, and GameGuardian. Open the Power-up Circle Place your Maxed 5* monster into the #1 position Place any monster (preferably a monster at the top of the list) into the first slot and search GG for the monster slot (Slots start at 0 and increment left to right top to bottom). Remove the first slot monster and place another one there (preferably a monster at the top of the list) and search GG for the new monster slot. Repeat Step 5 until two addresses remain (we want the first one 77xxxxxx80). Place any monsters into slots 2-5 Save this address to GG (I label it M1), switch to Memory View Tab (4th Tab in GG), search this memory address Scroll memory 70 hex values down (this is approximately 28 lines) until you see 2/3 consecutive lines 00000001, 000000??, 77XXXXXX (this value may change, but you cant miss it, M5 doesnt have this value anymore) Save the ?? line as the next monster slot (M2) Repeat Steps 9-10 until you label all slots (M1-M5) Go to the Saved Addresses Tab (3rd Tab in GG) and set all values M1-M5 to zero Save the addresses (save button top right hand corner of this tab) Look and see that your power-up circle has all of the same monsters Press Evolve Repeat for all 5* monsters, I recommend doing them in order they are in the first slot since memory already has the value 0 saved so you just have to click on the saved address and save 0 over it. Log out, log back in (load your saved memory values so you don't have to re-search them), repeat until your monster is lvl 40 with maxed skills Please be aware that this deletes your monster from the servers, however, you still get to keep your newly maxed out 6*. IF YOU DO THIS TO ANY MONSTER THAT IS NOT 5* AND MAXED, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET IT TO EVOLVE AGAIN Because your monsters are deleted from the servers you should not do this to anything less than a maxed out 5 star UNLESS YOUR INTENT IS TO DESTROY IT OR USE IT FOR LEVEL UPS. Please be aware that this means all of your currently equipped Runes are also deleted from the server, you still keep them but they cannot be removed. They can be replaced. You can awaken a monster after using this trick, so no worries about evolving an unawakened 5*. This trick applies to Rainbow Angelmon, so you can (once) make 1 4* anglemon take up 4 slots to evolve your 4*s into 5*s. This uses up the angelmon but it only uses 1 angelmon so is worth it. (same goes for Devilmon too, aka 1 devilmon will give 5 skillups if cloned to all 5 slots) Please be aware that this costs 100,000s of Mana, I went through ~400k and only leveled 3 5*s to 6*s of lvl 40, 38, and 37. This may get you banned, use at your own risk. Theoretically, the best way to exploit this and not get banned is to just use this a a monster duplication, so that you can use any monster in all 5 slots and when the server destroys it it is gone forever. I'll let you know if i get banned for this. For the best monster duplication experience, when you are saving the monster slots, also save the memory address above the slot which holds the value 1. Then you can freeze the 1 and the slot number (I pick the highest 1 star monster in my list). Then, all you have to do is press the mob to evolve and press evolve. Tutorial Video is here Please enjoy.
  2. I need help on how to make a script if anyone can help me I'll appreciate it my goal is to make a script for pixel gun that gives you: max level, all weapons, aimbot and godmode I'll keep updating the script once I know what to do
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