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  1. I heard that it is patched, i haven't verified myself but it sounds like this method no longer works
  2. A tutorial video with audio can be found here for those who aren't very skilled with GG.
  3. Step 9 has 3 methods to it: If you are able to recognize patterns, then the only occurrence of the pattern for the first 4 mobs will be: 00000000 00000001 000000XX 77XXXXXX 00000000 You cant miss it but it will only follow that pattern if monsters are in the slots 2-5. For slot 5, it will look like this 00000000 00000001 000000XX 00000000 If you cant seem to find the pattern by just scrolling, then add the value 70 to your memory address you found originally and "go" to that address the same way you did in step 8. If you didnt learn the base 15 number system (I know I didnt!) then turn on a computer and use windows calculator in programmer mode (with HEX selected) and add 70. (just keep adding 70 and grab all 5 addresses at once from the calculator, then manually search them one at a time and add them. For the example of the original post, the first memory value I found was 77881E88, add 70 to that value in the calculator and i get 77551EF8 (which is the second slot value), add 70 to this value and I get 77551F68 (which is the third slot value). If you are patient, then just scroll 28 values down and enjoy the next memory address. It isnt fun to count 28 lines of memory but if you arent able to recognize the memory addresses in the first example this an option. Lastly, you can simply find the slots 2-5 the same way you found slot 1. Perform steps 1-6 on the second, third, fourth, and fifth slots. It may take longer to perform, but it is all you have left.
  4. bluestacks doesnt change how the game works, so it will still work on bluestacks, you just have to search the right memory process
  5. Have you tried just rolling with the 55xx80s? Maybe it is just a different range of memory values. Also, are you restricting your memory search range?
  6. It worked for me, but I'm using GG Plus atm. Can anyone with the normal one verify.
  7. You can turn a maxed 4* into a maxed 6* with this cheat, but not if you cannibalize the 4*. You just need to use fodder until it is 5* then apply the **** technique described. Remember, you get one evolution if you use this cheat and cannibalize, so it must be the 5>6 evolution.
  8. my posted cheat is useful, if used correctly
  9. everyone has this problem, that is why i warn you to only do this on a 5* maxed. otherwise you will never evolve it again.
  10. I'm pretty sure that this was patched in 1.2.4
  11. Did you restart? Once you restart the evolved monster comes back, so you wouldn't be sad. Unless, of course, having a fully evolved and skilled monster makes you sad
  12. Read the first few steps again, look at the attached figures, and watch the video (Post 6 or so?). I number the slots, and show you which value to search based on the selected slot.
  13. I have been using it so it is still working. This is an exceptionally good question, I haven't thought to test this. Please try on a lvl 2 mob first, it it works then it will work on your 6*, if it does not work let me know and ill add to the first post
  14. They definitely change every day, but not every time you close and open the app You can do it with any mob, but you will never evolve that mob again unless you do it to a maxed 5 star. You did everything correctly by the sounds of it, just finish reading the post and relog your client.
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