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  1. Thanks for sharing this futaba, but it crash everytime i tap the inventory menu
  2. Punk Rock / Hard Core More like ; Bad Religion - Ramones - NOFX etc etc.
  3. it's called "effort", don't mind it. keep trying bro
  4. welcome back, like chibi said. don't be discouraged
  5. Saw the clock on your vid and it's 2am
  6. PM Sent, This is interesting, Maybe it will be one good Mod with all awesome feature from GG VIP's
  7. [Question From Noob] is it possible to change the hero dmg / range or anything just by editing the file inside the lucky patcher folder or libgam1 ?
  8. geez.. if only i have the capability to MOD it i'll always post an update in here for free. anyways, i dont really get it but that code really looks very useful. thanks for sharing this to us.
  9. at least try to read before you post. they already bought it and confirmed that dude is not a scammer Sent from my Nexus 5
  10. any news buddy? i hope this link will do a little help : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2018252&page=2 naw you're not breaking any news, have fun and good luck moving on with your new game or w/e
  11. i know, it just i got my brand new phone like 2 - 3 days ago... so it feels like geez
  12. Awesome, i hope you can make it work! , now i have to root my phone #sigh
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