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  1. thx for the help but i cant seem to get it to work if you cuold explain where i shuold put what that wuold help a lot thx
  2. ok look so right now i am using this right while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) Qjctx = 1 end gg.sleep(100) if Qjctx == 1 then main() end end and that works fine and all gose to main() on start up but just on start up i want it to go to startup() and not main() but after start up and after i have selected a option in startup() i want it to defualt to main if main was selected in startup() but if lets say lite() was selected in startup() then i want it to defualt to lite()
  3. so i saw this right GGInjector (#9c9qcq9g) but i dont see the meaning or the point of it so if someone cuold explain that wuold be greate thx
  4. so like i have a function in my script and i want to execute this function on start up how wuold i do this? i tryed to do function_name() at the start of my scrit but it just crached?
  5. yes sir the menu right now is perfect for em ))
  6. ok so i got my script right and when it open up i got a few hacks i can activate ye but the thing is when i click the cancel button it dosent put gg to sleep it just re opens the script any tips how to?
  7. well thats what i would want to prevent i dont want gg to sleep after i activate a hack
  8. I cant seem to find the rules can someone link them to me i dont want to break them but its kinda hard when i dont know what the rules are
  9. Are you thinking of added this possibility in a later update or will it be like this forever?
  10. So in my script i use the following to load and save results and was wondering how can i encrypt these so if someone where to finds them they cant open them and see whats saved. Save value: gg.addListItems(gg.getResults(gg.getResultsCount())) gg.saveList("/sdcard/Values.txt") Load value: gg.loadList("/sdcard/Values.txt") gg.loadResults(gg.getListItems()) gg.clearList()
  11. Ok so i have this hack right and when its clicked i want it to display the edit value thing so the user can select what value to change the searched value for. If you dont understand please comment So i can explain so good as i can
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