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  1. I need the original name of the script for decryption
  2. animehack

    diffrent ss tools

    is there any diffrence when it comes to ss tools? i have seen some on youtube but they all look the same exept some slight changes
  3. so basicly right now when i run a script i have to turn off anti decompile cuse its on by defualt how do i turn all those off as defualt?
  4. hmm ok i dident know that thx for the info
  5. yes thx i am sorry for explenation but thats exacly what i wanted
  6. ah yes that makes much more seens thx for the help
  7. so i was wondring if i can do smt like this test = www. test2 = google.com test3 = test test4 = test2 test5 = test3 test6 = test4 print("test5, test6") and that shuold then print www.google.com
  8. dose it operate in the same directory as the script is located or how do i know where the script at do i do /emulated/0/Downloads/scipt.lua /emulated/0/Downloads/renamed_scipt.lua ??
  9. i think the titel sees it all tbh i just want to prevent gg from doing os.exit after i execute a hack
  10. ok look i tryed to look at the lua doc but it just dident explain it good i think so i was wondring if anyone cuold help me out and tell me how to use os.rename to rename the script name thx
  11. are you plaing to add this? i mean cant you just add some basic html code to the gg api?
  12. insted of exiting can i make it go to sleep? go to backround you know
  13. hmm yes your right. cuold i make a anti crash by frezzing all the crach values? by record the script while its doing all these things then getting the pointers from the values that crach me?
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