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  1. Boss45

    Archero Script

    Yes but I am busy at the moment.(School exams) But I will update as soon as possible
  2. ELGG encryption is still not cracked
  3. No one made fun of you Why u assume that Everyone trying to help each other
  4. U can't hack a server based game However, I did find a glitch which gives u unlimited stuff until u turn ur wifi on Link:
  5. Boss45

    Archero Script

    They patched the Hero hack so it doesn't work anymore
  6. Boss45

    GG cant save files

    Change the file type to Lua Like this Example.lua
  7. Or maybe it's not XOR encryption. Maybe its just simple encryption like 100 is 1000 200 is 2000. For that just do encrypted search and find out some way to always find that address
  8. U only use end after u declare a function or start a loop
  9. U need to get refining the results until u have very less results then u can edit them. If u just edit all right away then of course it will crash
  10. U first do a encrypted search and find ur address/value then u click on options and choose calculate Offset/XOR choose XOR and it will tell u the XOR key. Then let's say ur value in game is 100 u do search 100X(whatever XOR key)
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