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  1. Thats because its probably server sided and still ur original value it may look like ya rich BUT The game Mechanics are not changed i hacked a anti cheated game before i searched the total amount of coins and edit all to my value Ex; Total gems; 500 me: searches 500 in DWORD edits all to ; myNumber DWORD if that didnt work then thats a game that probably cant get modifyed {Dont get ur hopes up lol}
  2. well u really dont know unless ya start searching i play this game gacha life and made a script for gems but idk what game ya talking about but all i know is we dont know your currency , game functions unless ya tell me or screenshot it over
  3. I have a problem simalar to that but my problem is probably fixable, your problem looks like this is a game that cannot be modifyed by gg well thats if
  4. ToxicLuaMods23

    Not show game

    First of all are ya using the optimized version? because thats why it isnt popping up the non optimized one doesnt show the apps
  5. Ya looks like ya got shadow banned , i can tell ya one thing anti ban values are hard to find, the only thing to do is just reset its data
  6. First u need a code editor (QuickEdit, Quoda, code editor, Acode, visual studio code, anything with lua your gonna need to prompt the user to enter the number let gg search it, then give the user an alert to get or lose that item tell gg to sleep then prompt the user to enter the new number get some results then edit all then end this is how i do it , i give the credit to monkeySAN for helping me this gg reads scripts from top to bottom or u can use goto anyway is fine ^__^ ALSO READ THE BOTTOM THEN THE TOP function start() --GG READS SCRIPTS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM SO MAKE SPACE THEN PUT MENU AT LINE 2 gg.setVisible(false) gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) --RANGES ARE IMPORTANT U MUST MANUALLY SEARCH UR MONEY AND GET THE RANGE local gg= gg input=gg.prompt({'Enter your item'}, {[1]='0'}, {[1]='number'}) gg.searchNumber(input[1], gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.toast('Done now listen') gg.alert('You have 10 seconds to get or lose the item you have') gg.sleep(10000) --10 seconds input=gg.prompt({'ENTER YOUR NEW ITEM NUMBER'}, {[1]='0'} {[1]='number'}) gg.refineNumber(input[1] , gg.TYPE_DWORD) --DWORD is 123 to the millions and so on also its a datatype gg.getResults(5) gg.editAll(999999, gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.clearResults() gg.toast('Script made by {user}') end menu=gg.choice('Item hack') if menu==1 then start() end
  7. 1. it might be server sided meaning u cant modify it you can but u need to find weaknesees Ex: Total amount of coins 2 if its an offline game then try hacking the total amount of the value after each game 3. you can modify online games but you need to find places that the value doesnt change to its original like dont directly mod ur coins of course its gonna do that changeing the total amount could GIVE you that amount u put in there Ex: You have a total of 500 coins search 500 .TYPE_DWORD editAll(your number) done , can u update if that works?
  8. is it an online game? because if it is then you cannot hack server sided games, if its an offline game try hacking the total amount of coins u get after each game i cant display any other solutions unless ya tell me what game Ps; you can probably hack the total in offline games, just find places where u think its vurlnable meaning weaknesses in the game
  9. I have this mass problem all of a sudden and i think thats why my Minecraft Script wasnt working from the start [NO ROOT USER] So first everyone knows when u log in parrelell space it shows the gg icon in your apllication ur supposed to select that your modding i did that to make sure i selected the app so gg knows what your modding in parrelel space , then after i use speed hack or search number its like instead of gg hiding from the app the app hides from gg and once again it shows the small gg icon in the app you have selected also nothing works and u cant find values or modify speed once that happens this happened to zombie age 3 BUT it wasnt acting like that once i modifyed the total coins i got after ALSO, this happened to minecraft, PAKO 2, Moonshades, Zombie scrapper , Johnny Trigger, Pixel Force, Infectornator, Swat and Zombies season 2 , ZF3D , thats all games i had cause i had to hardware reset, device was too overloaded What im saying is , why does the app does that after a search?
  10. OMG, Enyby! the GG script god!, nice to meet ya, i just downloaded gg 100.0 and its Awesome man!!! still crashes cause of my dumb brain chooses to edit all and tick the value is encrypted , lol, but its working awesome!!! =D
  11. Okay so after setting hide game guardian from game to level 3 still detecting cheats, also the scripts works fine but i think speed can be left out anyways imma see if i can try Hide gg from game to level 4 see if this can works and if it does then ill release it but if it doesnt ill take this to uncheatable topic meaning see if i can search up an anti kick value and disable it or something but if still not working ill remove it and just leave ammo hack inside and have skill points launched. if theres any suggestions then please i would like to hear them Edit; speed hack does not work in level 4 hide gg from game so what now?
  12. ill try setting the hide gg from game to level 3 , so that should solve problem number one , but i dont get the goto adress so ill just use the refine it by upgrade thing ill update on whats going on
  13. Yes , not only i hacked speed but in a few seconds it gave me that alert imma try to set hide game guardian from game to level 3 then ya also How did u increase the limit of skill points to 99999999? i hacked how many skill points not the limit o_O
  14. So i finished created my script for the walking zombie 2 script I tested it ammo working in awesome contidion but when i tick speed i was having fun [For a few seconds] with it untill i got this alert from the game =\ is there any way i can bypass it? like anti anti cheat? or something like that =D getting ready to launch it soon but at the same time its gonna give the user an alert and kick them out the game , they make me modify ammo, skill points, damage, but not speed
  15. View File Guide100%.lua Hiya , This is my scripting guide for new people out there , you will be scripting like a G (hehe get it? GG) You might wanna read the comments next to the code to understand you can also use it too! idk if the comments affect its way to work >_> (CODED WITH REPL.IT TRANSFERRED INTO A ZIP THEN EXTRACTED INTO GUIDE,LUA) This is for people new so ya tell me what u think? you will learn functions , if then statements , ends, nils, declareing functions, if menu== 1s, inputs, alerts and toasts, data types, locals, and calling functions giving them tasks then ending good luck! Submitter ToxicLuaMods23 Submitted 09/30/2020 Category Templates  
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