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    supppper!! its such a shame, tools like this isnt most shared
  1. i know it will just dont spread it like a virus
  2. i have some value... i wanted them to searched in library file - [libtersafe.so] only... value : 4,294,967,297 type : QWORD range : C_DATA *also wanted the search happend in libtersafe.so [only within memory range] so, anybody can help me in this case? plz write me a full function if i choose all memory, games crashed
  3. bro... why not u do it??? cause i dont understand what u mean by printing stuffs i added local nio = gg.getRangesList("libtersafe.so") after this line... i added all my values which was recorded by gg [added 0 minutes later] bypassv1.lua
  4. thanks... i was looking for that
  5. there is a sleep command to put script searching & editing freezed for a certain amount of times... like - sleep("100") is it the valid code or wrong, if wrong, plz correct me
  6. gg.searchNumber("25769803776", gg.TYPE_QWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1, 0) what about this line? i replaced "libtersafe.so" address/offset to all memory... is it good?? i still get crash
  7. this can help!!! i m pretty much sure go to /data/data/UR GAME FOLDER/files/tss_tmp delete this folder & create a file name like that
  8. i found bypass ban value in C_DATA; QWORD; "ONLY WITHIN MEMORY RANGE : libetersafe.so" ; so, when i record my script, its record libtersafe.so in 0xf4444h90 (example) but the problem is libtersafe.so -memory range change its place when restart happen to the game how to fix it??? how can i write libtersafe.so instead of "0xf4444h90" this??? plz help
  9. wow!!! i have no idea what i m reading... but i guess this is on il2cpp dumping type
  10. q1. get ur script full values [search & refine & edit] - which run only 1 time... copy the whole body of that function & paste it couple of times you want to repeat... hope this what u want q2. its quite unclear... what u r saying
  11. when you found ur value from memory range... check near values... see, if some value doesn't change. if true, then make a group search & REFINE & edit them... if hack works, copy the group value close game; and do the group search again & edit. if doesn't works... then again check some sticky value dont forget!!! its a very trial & error
  12. hello i tried to dump il2cpp, unity version is 5.6.4p4 the il2cpp dumper doesn't works & as it says "ERROR : FILES PROTECTED" and someone said that - i can get the offset & data from ida by the help of gg dump... can anybody help me with that? i am attaching the dump file below [map] com.activision.callofduty.shooter-maps.txt
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