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  1. Oh. I didn't read the editAll in API help carefully. Sorry for that and thank for your help. Btw, What happend if I ignore space character when put hex value like 'h5CE30B' instead of 'h 5C E3 0B'
  2. Hello. I am learning to write lua script for GG. I have a question. If you know please help me. I want to search a big hex number for example: 02390D000000026FC90801066FAB0701A66B2A22000000402A and then edit it to 00000000000000000000000000000000000000220000C8422A in memory. To search I use this : gg.clearResults() gg.clearList() gg.searchNumber('h02390D000000026FC90801066FAB0701A66B2A22000000402A', gg.TYPE_BYTE) But I dont know how to edit results to 00000000000000000000000000000000000000220000C8422A. Please help me. Thank you.
  3. Thank you very much. I think this speed is enough for me. I know more about lua script and GG because of your help. I hope this script will useful with other people. [added 1 minute later] reverse_dump.lua
  4. Oh it worked. I actually save much time than use loop. [added 3 minutes later] If we use 4 byte what happend if the binary have size which is not divide by all for 8? [added 4 minutes later] and in that case can I use data:long()
  5. I got problem at this. It is not a table. It is a number. Should I put a loop to assign the value to table or are there any better choice?
  6. Thank for help me. Finally I wrote a working script. Its still slow when work with large binary file. Please tell me if there are any thing can improve script speed. reverse_dump.lua
  7. Thank for your reply .When I try to read and write one by one byte it take really more time for do it even with a small binary file. I need read a bigger chunks than 1 byte but how many is the best choice? This is the edited script for read and write one by one byte. reverse_dump.lua
  8. I dont know if it work or not. I just try doing it. My full idea is: In game memory, there are some region to save game code. For example, in a unity game there were a special memory range (which wont change) allocated for Assembly-CSharp.dll. I just search that address for one time only. And then extract that file from game package, edit and reserve dump it to the address which I found before. I completed the lua script for that but the problem now is: that script work fine with small file. But for the bigger file (20MB) GG will crash. Can you give me some cue to increase script performance? I actually want to try doing it even after all it will not work. Please help me. Is the problem at file:read("*a") when read a large file? reverse_dump.lua
  9. Thank you very much for this awesome script. I will try to make it work with a binary file as input.
  10. Hello everyone. I knew that gg have dumpmemory feature which can copy content of a memory region to a binary file. I wonder if there are any way for copy a binary file to a region of memory. Is is possible to write a lua script with can do this? Thank you very much.
  11. Awesome tool. Hope it will support x86 in future.
  12. Hello everyone. Recently I know a feature of gg is dump memory. I try it but all I receive is a list of bin file and a txt file. Can anyone know about this feature explain for me about that file pls? Thank you very much.
  13. Hello. Does GG can execute a encrypted lua script? When I download some encryted script and execute it return a error. But It can execute a decryted of same script. Pls help me.
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