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  1. Oh I had no idea you could even check a characters stats during battle. I tried everything to get the stats to change in the main menu but no success.
  2. So what you want to do is go to the store and select head and eyes acc. and it will bring you to the hat section Now you want to open game guardian and go to d word and do a group search of these values 180;350;500;700;500;500;800 Now when the search completes this is what you should see Any one of these values can be changed to give you infinite coin. In this example I chose the hat with the value 180 and modified it to -999999 so that it can give me coin instead of taking away coin. Now when you buy the hat that you changed the price on (in my case this hat) you should get Infinite coin
  3. Ohhhhhh I see what you mean. You meant the gas bar at the top. I thought you meant there was a way to purchase gas from the gas pumps other than ancient coin. I see. I kept putting my gas at 5k so I never saw the + at the top. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, I haven't seen the prompt for emeralds yet, so I'll have to wait on that.
  5. I don't know anything about scripting or coding in general. I hope to learn one day. Yeah, go ahead. Would definetly be cool and easier for others.
  6. No problem! I am just as excited as you haha. This looks like a cool game so I'm going to continue playing it. Thanks for leading me to this gem
  7. Bad news. Your suggestion didn't work. I was beyond happy to see the very left value.... but when the game loaded again.... Nothing changed... BUT GUESS WHAT? Your suggestion led me on the right path. We don't have to alter the reward value at all. We can literally alter the value directly because for some weird reason all of the encryption is void when in adventure mode... So we start with a d word fuzzy search. Then after it's done we need to attain whatever loot we are trying to manipulate. For example I grabbed 33 coins Since I grabbed 33 I put 33 and select top left option N = O+D You will get alot of results. Do this again. I grabbed 45 this time so I repeat the procedure This got rid off all the values and left me with the coin value. The coin value is high because I did this before. Just change the coin value to whatever you want. In this example I used 50,000,000 When I went back to the main menu it saved. I exited the game, re opened and it was still there. Bingo! I'm not sure if this works for other currencies, but why wouldn't it. I assume with this same method you can manipulate whatever you can loot.
  8. Ancient coins are also just a simple d word search.... I have a strong feeling that everything in the adventure world is just a d word search... Meaning if I can see the resources that I'm collecting I can probably change them in the adventure world and it should transfer outside of the adventure world. Hmmm. [added 3 minutes later] Also resource collecting is really easy because of the fact that if you change your teams health the game interprets your team as a stronger force. Everytime you select to fight an enemy you have the option of collecting their resources instantly because they "cower in fright at your teams advanced weaponry"
  9. Interesting, I have a basic knowledge of gg aswell so I might not be able to find a way to do that, but nontheless I'll try. You can only get better by trying. Good idea.
  10. Now for the fighting. As soon as the round starts you want to click on the magnifying glass icon with the ? After you click it this will open up Select the type of value as d word and search After you are done searching have the character you want to have infinite health on take damage. Pay attention to the total damage he takes. Once you open game guardian again this will pop upYou want to select more. This will open a dropdown menu that looks like this.This is where you put in the total amount of damage your character took as a negative value. My character took a total of 18 damage so I put -18. Then you click on the top left option N = O+D That just says that the new value is equivalent to the old value with the additional -18. You want to do this until your left with 4 values that all represent the same value. Change this value to whatever you want and it should work. After I put this in my character (dog with the hammer) went from slightly damaged To Invincible [added 3 minutes later] Now you might be thinking this would be a lot easier if you knew your characters health from the start. Then you could do a simple d word search instead of a fuzzy one. That is true. You do know his health and his other stats. However I tried this twice and it seems his health value of 206 isn't the same as when he is in battle. It is altered to probably a lower value. I will experiment more with this to find the exact health value which would save alot of time.
  11. This game is weird... I searched d word encypted on a resource and it was heavily encrypted with 5 encypted values all using the same xor key that I couldn't find. Despite this game having that encrypted the adventure part was surprisingly easy to alter. To alter your fuel it's literally just a normal d word search. I have 150 fuel so I do a d word search of 150 Then I move the car to decrease the fuel It is now 148 so I put in 148 as the next search You want to do this until you end up with 1 value. Alter this to whatever you want. Click yes and next time you move the car the fuel should change.
  12. Play 1 round of broken bones until you get to this screen In the bottom you can see total breaks. Put your amount in E double. Mine is 633. Search I got two values but you want to refine until you get 1. So just play another round and search again. Once you have 1 value change it to whatever you want. Then play another round and you should get a lot of cash. The cash will save, but the level and total breaks will not. Those are temporary.
  13. Never mind, I found it after searching auto encrypted and changed the float value which was like -0.16832 something lol
  14. I know this is fairly outdated, I found views and subs just using unknown value increase and decrease, found brains through d-word encrypted, but I cannot find bux. I've tried so many times, but I can never find it.
  15. Phax

    Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

    This is insane. Way beyond my level of comprehension. You are a very skilled hacker
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